Why do cats slap? If your cat sometimes hits you, don’t worry, it’s not a sign of aggression

Hangai Lilla, 2023. February 26 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

Although cats have long been known as solitary animals, and although they are not as sociable as dogs, they do enjoy the company of people and other felines. In the wild, for example, they live in colonies and care for each other, take care of their companions. However, you've probably seen a cat raising its paw on another, or even on its much-loved owner.

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The reaction is usually wide pupils and an even wider mouth. It can be so funny and shocking, as your own cat gives orders with a paternal or maternal slap, that you don’t even question why this thing could have happened. After the initial shock, we show you why indoor tigers slap!

Why do cats slap each other?

A cat may slap another cat for a number of reasons. The trick to determining why this happens is to look at their body language and behavior during the action. In their society, this is a completely normal reaction, they don’t have to deal with the police if they can’t take it any longer.

Playful, energetic cats can slap each other to start the game. These little waves or flicks aren’t so much slaps as paw signals to get attention. The body language of cats that invite you to play with a slap is relaxed and easy, no aggression can be detected in them. Their whiskers take the vibrations of the air calmly, their attention is focused on the given situation, their claws are withdrawn not to hurt the other. In this case, no sound is heard.

Our favorites are carnivores, which means they need animal protein in their diet. And this means that their tendency to hunt is almost always hovering over their heads. Cats that don’t have the opportunity to play with this very strong instinct may pounce on anything that comes near them. And if it’s their partner or you, that’s how it turned out. They don’t think about whether it is okay or not.

Then, of course, there is another situation. They’ve only been able to hold their nerve so far. It may happen that the other one annoys them so much with its constant teasing that they are sure that nice words have no chance here!

Why are they slapping you?

When the owner is the target the slap usually comes to pick up the thread of communication or to demand something. Their paws are one of the most effective tools when it comes to communication.

Petting the cat can lead to overstimulation. It happens sooner than you can get enough of touching its silky fur. So, to signal that he’s had enough, that he slaps your hand. This is not aggressive behavior, you can see that even if he could say: stop now! you probably wouldn’t listen to him then either.

A sure way to draw your attention to the fact that he is hungry or wants to play is to tap or pat you. If you think he’s feeling a little neglected and wants attention, spend a few minutes with him and play something. You know that even food doesn’t make him as happy as your company. However, if you suspect that he wants to hurry up the approaching dinner time, it is best to ignore this behavior. It’s best for both you and him if you stick to the routine and don’t be tempted by the huge eyes and don’t be terrified by the power of the iron fist.

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