5 signs that it’s time to let go of your suffering cat: euthanasia is a difficult decision, but sometimes it is salvation for the dying pet

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2023. January 3 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

There are many beautiful, joyful and wonderful moments of keeping animals, for which it is clearly worth taking this responsibility. After all, they make our lives not only more beautiful, but also much more meaningful and colorful. However, like all wonderful things, owning a cat has some very difficult times, namely old age, dying, and losing a pet. As the recently deceased II. Queen Elizabeth also said: grief is the price humanity has to pay for love.


Caring for a pet means preparing for every stage of their life. However, you cannot prepare enough for the illness and death of animals, because there are few such shocking and sad moments in life. Owners may be less prepared for the challenges of caring for a sick or aging pet, such as deciding when to say goodbye.

How do we know when to euthanize the animal?

Deciding whether to euthanize a pet can be an extremely difficult decision for pet owners. After all, people understandably tend to hope that their pet’s condition will improve, and that euthanasia may even be postponed. However, it is important to notice the signs that indicate that it would be a better decision to help the kitten to the afterlife without pain. In such cases, it is always worth consulting the veterinarian, who, if he recommends anesthesia, is probably the best decision. Doctors recommend euthanasia only when other options to reduce pain and anxiety no longer help, in which case it proves to be the most humane death for the animal.

How to prepare for euthanasia?

First, ask yourself what you know about euthanasia. Because a lot of fear can be based on the fact that you were not properly informed about the given method. So it is worth looking into the cases in which this decision is recommended, what the pet experiences in the meantime, and what can be expected during the process. It is worth discussing the entire process thoroughly with a veterinarian. In such cases, feel free to ask your questions and concerns, and you will see that he will be willing to help you. What is certain is that this is a humane method that does not involve pain for the animal, and is only recommended by doctors in justified cases.

How do I know that the animal is already suffering?

The first and most important question to consider when considering euthanasia is whether your pet is suffering. This can actually be easily read from his behavior. So, if your cat exhibits the following behaviors, he is in serious pain.

  • He hides, withdraws, does not seek your company
  • Significant weight loss
  • More sleep than usual
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficult movement

If you experience these signs, you should definitely realize that the animal is no longer living a quality life, and all the signs indicate that it is suffering a lot.

Does it cause you pain or anxiety?

An unpleasant but extremely important question is what the animal’s illness causes you. Examine yourself, and if constant anxiety, pain and stress accompany your daily life, then it’s time to think about putting your pet to sleep. Not only does he suffer, but you also become terribly stressed. Someone who is unable to concentrate on everyday activities. This can affect all areas of your life, so you might want to think about making a change. Not to mention that you also have to assess how long you can provide care and proper care for the animal. Also, how financially burdened you are. Because if you cannot provide this, it may be worth considering the possibility of euthanasia if your cat is visibly suffering.

How long should you wait?

t is clear that a significant percentage of owners find it very difficult to say goodbye to their pet and make the final decision. It also occurs to many that if they make the death sentence, then for them it is as if they were the only ones who killed their kitten. However, this is not true. In many cases, euthanasia is much more a salvation for the animal than a death sentence. If you already experience the above signs in your cat, it is a sure sign that it is dying and in very serious pain. In such cases, you should put aside your own interests and nagging conscience and make a decision based on the animal’s preferences. Because in such a case, life is no longer joy for him, but mere suffering. In this case, it is a mature decision to put the cat’s interests first and help him to leave in peace to the eternal hunting grounds.

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