6 cat breeds that known for their superior intelligence: you can even teach these cats tricks

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In general, cats are particularly intelligent species on our small planet. Their cognitive abilities are roughly equivalent to a two-year-old child. Their memory and emotional intelligence are also above average in the animal kingdom.


A common characteristic of intelligent cats is that they usually have a lot of energy and mischief. This type of insolence is driven by curiosity and not malice. Most smart cats love challenges, learning tricks and playing interactive games. These felines also understand household routines, such as when you usually arrive home or when they get to eat. In addition, they probably get along well with other animals, as their emotional intelligence is also high. But let’s not waste time, the think tanks will follow!

1. Abyssinian

These elegant looking cats are sporty, mobile and affectionate at the same time. Thanks to their intelligence, they are in great harmony with their families. They enjoy heights, they can keep an eye on everything that happens in their kingdom from the cat ladder or the top of the closet. Of all the cat types, they are especially easy to teach tricks, and they will even enjoy the agility course.

They are usually not lap cats, but they can always appreciate a nice petting or combing. They also tend to enjoy the company of other animals and adapt well to most living conditions and changes.

2. Cornish Rex

These cats with a special appearance are not only active, but also friendly. Cornish Rex owners often say that they tend to act like dogs when playing. Moreover, this quality remains later, even in their older years; so it’s definitely worth trying playing fetch with them.

The breed’s long toes make it easy to open doors and cupboards, which means you may want to use child locks to protect your favorite snacks. This gentle, fragile-looking cat with curly fur is amazing at jumping to the highest point in the room, so make sure there is plenty of room for him to do such activities.

3. Korat

Korat is named after a province in Thailand, and is considered lucky in its home country. They look at the world around them with a brilliant mind and amazingly focused attention. These felines are moderately energetic, they like interactive games, but they also like napping just as much.

They also learn tricks more easily than average, but they can also be easily accustomed to walking on a leash. Supported by praise and treats, the daily routine is easily understood and learned. It is characteristic of them that they stick to their favorite toys and are perhaps less willing to share them with others. If they get a lot of attention, they become very clingy.

4. Siamese

It is one of the most popular and well-known cat breeds in the world, and not by chance! Siamese are known for their beautiful fur, inquisitive nature and chatty disposition. They really like to play and be around their owner forever, so they require a lot of energy and time investment to be truly happy.

All kinds of games can be great for them, but especially those that require brain training. They love to climb, so a cat ladder is essential for them. If they get bored, you can expect them to turn the whole apartment upside down, so you have to pay attention to this for everyone’s safety!

5. Havana brown

You can immediately recognize this cat by its beautiful and unique fur. It is a relatively rare cat that was created by crossing the Siamese and several other breeds. They are typically intelligent, inquisitive and chatty animals who enjoy and value socialization with their families. They are moderately energetic and prefer interactive games such as those that challenge them mentally and physically.

6. Singapura

As the name suggests, the career of the Singapura cat began somewhere on the streets of Singapore. They are a rarity, even though they become an extremely exciting and loving family member in an attentive household. These animals are usually playful, open and curious and always like to participate in what the family is doing.

They are quite active and like to climb high, so make sure you provide them with enough space for such activities. This mischievous cat climbs the curtains or even jumps on your shoulder while you are unsuspectingly minding your own business in the apartment. Ball games and all kinds of interactive activities are great for them.

If you want a breed that is more intelligent than average, you have to reckon with the fact that you will have to devote proportionally more time and attention to them, and you will probably have to make some changes to the apartment as well.

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