6 friendly cat breeds for families with children: the Manx cat is not only suitable because it has no tail to pull

Hangai Lilla

2023. January 1 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

If you are thinking about which cat to choose and you have children, you came to the right place. It is true that there are breeds that, due to their character, are less patient and tolerant towards strangers or children. There is nothing wrong with such cats either, they simply want more peace and independence. We are now showing those who can be great companions for the little ones.


Because if a child grows up in a household with a cat, it has a very good effect on him both mentally and physically. In addition, anyone we met who had a cat as a child, even as an adult, remembers these times with such emotion that it is a pleasure to listen to them. It is a priceless experience to live through life’s adventures next to a tabby!

1. Ragdoll

You can immediately recognize these cats not only by their adorable appearance, but also by their relaxed, calm nature. They are very fond of people and enjoy being cared for and played with. They also do great with interactive games. In fact, they even enjoy being held and lifted. If you choose a ragdoll, you can be sure that when you come home from kindergarten or school with your child, the cat will greet you at the door.

They are gentle, obedient, have a lot of energy to spend playing, and it is almost impossible for them to injure or hurt a child.

2. Manx

These tailless cats are affectionate, friendly and balanced; in short, they are ideal for a household with children. The undisturbedness of the home and the attention of the family are extremely important to them. Many people also describe them as dog-like, and thanks to their massive body, they also tolerate more vigorous pounding very well. Talkative types who will always be on the owner’s trail, making sure that nothing escapes their attention.

They adapt particularly easily to new circumstances, so it does not disturb their peace of mind if the usual routine changes because of the children.

3. Himalayan

Although mischief radiates from their eyes, in this case first impressions are deceiving. The Himalayan breed was born from the mixing of Persian and Siamese, so it carries the positive qualities of both breeds. (Persian and Siamese are also suitable for children.) They love the family very much and are attached to all its members, big or small. They are there for caresses, hugs and cuddles. Even though they have long hair, they do not require a lot of attention in this area, so you can safely entrust the combing of the kitty to the child under supervision.

The only problem you have to deal with is that your child will not want to go to school because he has to leave the cat at home.

4. Siberian

Siberian cats are devoted, but there is little chance that they will cling to family members like velcro and follow everyone around. They will be patiently waiting for you on the sofa to enjoy a cuddle at the end of the day. They have a lot of energy, so they almost never say no to play, and their gentle nature is combined with high intelligence. Thus, not only is it a safe choice for children, but they will also feel very comfortable in families with other pets.

5. Maine Coon

It would have been unthinkable to leave out the Maine Coon, referred to by everyone as a gentle giant, from such a list. Thanks to their calm nature and massive size, they are excellent at resisting nagging. What’s more, they very easily pick up the rhythm with the children’s needs, because they adapt very well. Your child can even get them used to a leash or teach them small tricks. In this way, it is guaranteed that a strong bond will develop between them, which they will always remember.

6. Cornis Rex

These strange-looking cats are very playful, especially enjoying retrieving discarded objects. Unlike many breeds, they love attention. They will be very happy when children shower them with their love and affection. They are very curious, so it’s better to always keep one eye on the dynamic duo.

Thanks to their open personality, they appreciate the company not only of children, but also of other animals, even dogs. The family will never get bored with them for a moment, that’s for sure.

Do you have experience with a cat breed that is not on the list, but has enjoyed the company of children?

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