This is how your cat tricks you: but what it does is very dangerous

Szénási Szimonetta

2024. April 11 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Cats are capable of many mischiefs, especially when the owner is not at home. However, certain things can be harmful to their health.


Does your pet also misbehave when you’re not at home? There are usually telltale signs if the cat has done something forbidden in your absence: overturned items, claw marks on the curtains, remnants of plundered sandwiches—all reveal the truth. In the following video, you can see an even clearer revelation: the cat thought its owner was away, but their eyes met at the window. The astonishment on its face is more than adorable, but what it’s doing is not at all cute: chewing on the plant, which could easily make it sick.

The hanging spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) seen in the footage is a very popular indoor plant. However, your pet could easily get high from it. Chewing on the leaves can cause drowsiness, coordination problems, similar to catnip.

Some believe that it’s precisely because of its effects that it’s so attractive to cats. Another theory suggests that it’s more popular because the leaves resemble blades of grass. (There are also various theories about why cats eat grass: aiding digestion and easier removal of swallowed fur have also been suggested as reasons.)

It can remind them of blades of grass

It could be trouble

If we liken the effects of spider plant to catnip – the legal recreational drug for cats – the question may rightly arise: why is it a problem if your pet eats it? However, as veterinarians often emphasize when it comes to poisonings and irritations, it always depends on individual sensitivity how the animal reacts. Their age, size, health condition, and even breed can influence how much of an impact a certain substance will have on them. For instance, the mentioned coordination problems can easily lead to accidents or injuries. Therefore, it’s better to find a place for the plant that is inaccessible to your pet.

If the cat tricks you, it is never intentional: it is either curiosity or instinct.

Be careful with these too!

Not only spider plants can be problematic. In fact, some plants can cause much more severe conditions!

The lily is one of the most dangerous flowers: its leaves, petals, even its scent, and the water it stands in can become toxic. If pets ingest any part of these, it can even be fatal.

There are also poisonous plants in the garden

Among others, cats should also be kept away from the following plants:

  • Amber,
  • Crocus,
  • Daffodil,
  • Cactus,
  • Fern,
  • Lilac,
  • Lily of the valley,
  • Agave,
  • Small-leaved Ficus,
  • Hyacinth.

In THIS article, we help you make your home cat-proof.

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