How to comfort a cuddly old cat – the trick is in the video

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. June 13 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

As simple as it is, the method shown in the video is great.


An older cat needs more care and love than usual. A senior pet is less agile due to their age, may become more easily frightened and may require more attention from their owners. Some cats, for example, are so demanding of human attention that they are hanging on their owner all the time. The lady in the video below has found a really creative solution to this problem. She used an unusual trick to ensure the comfort of her rescued old cat.

Reassuring proximity

It’s no coincidence that the cat in the video is so comfortable wrapped in a shawl and snuggled up to their owner’s chest. Most pets like to lie on the person they love. An elderly cat is particularly comforted by the closeness of a human. They can hear their owner’s heartbeat, feel the warmth of their body and feel safe wrapped in a shawl.

And it’s good for the owner too. She can move around and get on with her work while her beloved velvet paw purrs happily to her.

Senior cats are close to our hearts.  Click here to read our article in which we help you figure out how old your cat is in human years.

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