A cat’s curiosity is not necessarily an invitation: here’s how to teach your guests to respect their personal space

Hangai Lilla

2023. March 11 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

In general, non-cat people find the behavior of cats unpredictable. Fortunately, however, even non-cat people can sense the moods and needs of kitties with a little attention and openness. But if fatigue is ignored or not considered important, it can easily lead to problems. It will be an unpleasant experience for that particular person and for the cats as well.


The key to prevent these negative experiences is to educate people who are unfamiliar with cat communication. This is especially important as the holidays and family gatherings approach. So that everyone can get through this period without scratches and mental wounds. Let’s get started!

Curiosity does not give the green light to touching

The curiosity of cats are limitless, and it is true that they often want to discover or get to know someone or something without making a physical contact. If his tail is shaking or stiff, you can be sure that he is just investigating and not making friends.

If the cat blinks slowly or nudges the person with its head, you can approach it. For them, smell is most important, so ask the person to gently extend their hand towards the kitty with the fingers facing down. Let the cat smell it. He should definitely make the first move. If he rubs yourself himself against the hand, they can try a little stroking and scratching at the base of the ears or under the chin. However, if the cat pulls away, don’t force it any further! He will contact you again when he feels like it. Looseness and lightness are much more appropriate in their case.

It is important that the kitty has enough space to escape from guests. Especially if there are children among them. Children should also be taught that if the cat is on the scratching post or resting on its bed, they should not be disturbed. We always have to wait for them to contact us.

Be proactive: calmly and clearly communicate your pet’s needs to your guests

If you have guests over, feel free to tell them a few words about the cat’s habits, personality and needs. For those who are not used to the company of cats or animals, this can be a great help, as this way they will know how to behave. Anyone who is well-known in the world of cats is usually always happy to get to know other animals and their unique habits.

Sometimes despite our best intentions we makes mistakes.  We think that showing our love and care is always pleasant and desirable. This is not necessarily the case with cats. If we explain this to our visitors, they will experience less disappointment if the kitty is not in a friendly mood.

It may also happen that, despite all this, the guests still want to get to know the cat with all their might. You can gently but firmly tell them that you would like them to stop doing that, because that kind of attitude only creates tension. This way, scratches, bites and injuries will be avoided. If we do not understand the communication of the cat who feels threatened, it may lead to aggression. And the reason for this will not be the cat, but unfortunately the people.

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