6 things you can do to immediately improve your cat’s life quality: the best owner prize gonna be yours

Hangai Lilla

2023. February 5 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

Cats need less stuff than you might think. At least not for things that the consumer society tries to force down our throats. It's not the tenth feathered wand or self-heating and self-cooling pave with its own butler what they long for.


If you feel that you are uncertain between the many options and information, we’ll show you what you can do to really make your pet’s life beautiful and enjoyable.

1. Create a high-stand for them

Well, not necessarily literally. Even during thousands of years of cohabitation, cats’ hunting stimulus has been working very intensely inside their tiny body. So if you have a window in the apartment that looks at the yard or the street and your pet has the opportunity to observe birds, squirrels or passers -bys, we recommend that you make this nook comfortable and easily accessible. A soft pillow, blanket, or even better, a specifically tailored textile to the size of the windowsill can make the experience even more friendly.

2. Take him for a walk on a leash

Okay, it can look a bit funny when a city cat walking gracefully on the leash, but it is better than nothing. If the kitty can go outside and you have a courtyard you can start the experience there. If you don’t have a courtyard, you might want to think about starting a leash walk if you both enjoy it.

You could go to the nearby park, but in the early days we recommend that you stay around the house. First it is worth getting used the feel of the collar or harness and the leash. If it’s going smoothly you can go to the park. Of course, it is not guaranteed that every cat will enjoy this activity, but if so, it will be a great pleasure for him. If not, do not force it!

3. A varied diet

We’ve talked about this in detail before, but we try to take every opportunity to talk about it again. Various meals are very important for cats! We wrote about how to incorporate safe human foods into their diet here, and here we pointed out that the protein rich, wet diet is the only thing that really works in their case.

We recommend that you replace the dry food to wet, as they developed as desert animals, so cats obtained almost all the amount of water they need from their food. They drink very little.

4. Try new games

Trust us; it will help you slow down and keep your mental health in check if you sometimes play with your feline friend. Of course, it can be very reassuring to sleep on the couch, but it will be amazing for them if they can live their hunting instinct a bit.

Super game when you fill up a large bowl with water and add some strange objects to it. One that remains on the surface of the water, something that sinks and something that moves. It’s like a play in the bathtub for kids. Let him discover and enjoy the mysteries of fishing.

You can teach him a variety of tricks with the help of a clicker, and some cats are receptive to play fetch. In fact, you can even hide treats or toys under a blanket or a newspaper. The opportunities are endless!

5. Leave the boxes outside

We have already written about why these mustache little bandits are so fond of the boxes. If you ordered something, do not take the paper box right into the bin, leave it out to the cat to play with it. It costs nothing and it will be the most beautiful day of their life!

6. Scratching post heaven

They love the height, as they see from there everything what is happening at their territory of their rule. A scratching post is super for sharpening of claws but also stretching. If you haven’t got one yet, we definitely encourage you to do it! Of course, there are costs, but these are things worth spending money on. Make sure the post is high enough to stretch their entire body and stand stable enough, otherwise there is a good chance that they will not use it.

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