6 reasons why you should have two cats: our pets are not lonesome, a companion makes their everyday life more fun

Hangai Lilla

2022. December 11 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

What could be better than a cute, cuddly, curious kitten? Two cute, cuddly, curious kitten! Aside from doubling the cuteness, there are several solid reasons why you should have two cats. And none of them are selfish!


Although keeping and caring for another pet is a responsible decision, it is known that cats lived in colonies in the wild. As a result, they will most likely feel better in the apartment as well, if they do not have to face the trying weekdays alone.

1. Mentally stimulate and entertain each other

Despite stereotypes about independent cats, our pets are not completely solitary animals. Left alone for too long, they can become bored and lonely, which can lead to destructive behavior. That is why it is vital for kittens, both mentally and physically, to play with them a lot. But it is also understandable if an owner does not necessarily have as much time as one would like to.

Keeping two kittens at the same time can ensure that they are always in company and can play and have fun when they feel like it. If you want to minimize the risk and have the opportunity, it is worth choosing kittens from the same litter or adopting buddies who are already inseparable at the shelter.

2. Makes training easier

Fortunately, if you don’t plan to teach your pets some extra things, the most important thing, the litter habit happens instinctively in cats. At the same time, learning the right behavior is much easier if there is someone next to them who functions in the same way as them. We are thinking here, for example, of grooming or playing the instinctive games right. They learn faster in pairs than alone.

3. They will be less likely to be picky eaters

Feeding a kitten well is a bit more complicated than a dog. Many of them are picky eaters, which can be worrying and frustrating for the owner. Often, however, a picky cat’s curiosity overcomes its aversion to a given food. If he sees that his buddy is enjoying something, he won’t want to miss out on the good stuff either.

4. Cherish will groom each other

Grooming is the key to a spotlessly clean and calm kitty. Although cats are generally very efficient at keeping themselves clean, an extra busy tongue can only make matters better. Not only does it help them to keep hard-to-reach places clean when they are older, but the grooming ritual also calms them and strengthens the bond between the two of them.

5. You can save a few more lives

If you decide to adopt, one of the most compelling arguments is that you will save a few more lives. Of course, thanks to the rotation of the shelters, not only the feline you adopt gets a new chance, but also the one who gets in its place, thereby escaping anesthesia. And so on and so forth.

6. Shake up old, rusty bones

If you feel that it would be worthwhile to adopt a younger kitten alongside your elderly pet, it is worth considering the process, as you may encounter many difficulties during the progress. Fortunately, we hear more positive stories than negative ones; or at least the owners achieve a neutral relationship between the two cats. (However, if you are sure that your pet is a one-owner animal, do not stress with a new dude!)

If you see a chance for them to get along well, an older cat can be stimulated both mentally and physically by a younger one. The development of many diseases can be prevented if the kitty is not bored and gets enough exercise.

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