6 cat breeds if you want an independent pet: Norwegian Forest Cats love their owners, but don’t mind if you’re away more often

Hangai Lilla

2022. October 30

Most people mistakenly believe that all cats are extremely independent animals and require little care and attention. So they get a litter tray, a food tray, a water tray and you're pretty much done. You can leave them at home as often as you want and for as long as your schedule requires. In fact, they are downright happy when the annoying person who calls herself the owner is not at home. Well, not quite.


It is true that they do not need to be taken for walks, but that does not mean that they require less care; they simply desire human closeness in a different form. But if you are busy or simply enjoy having your pet near you, but not always on your lap, then you are in the right place! We show you which breeds are particularly independent and even enjoy it.

1. Norwegian Forest cat

Huge and beautiful; just by looking at it, we can feel the touch of its soft fur between our fingers. It is a particularly intelligent breed that likes to play, but is also very comfortable on its own. In its case, you can be sure that your pet will enjoy every moment alone and will not be overly sad when you are not at home. But when you get home, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a cat without the backstabs, because it will show its affection, but you can also go pee without two pairs of light-up eyes watching over your safety.

2. Manx cat

The Manx cat is a beautiful, tailless cat with many tricks up its sleeve. It can be fun and playful, but it won’t feel insulted if it has to look alone for some fun. It’s a breed that has a lot of potential as the apple of the family’s eye, but at the same time, it won’t spend every waking second on your lap.

3. American Wirehaired cat

This undeservedly little-known breed immediately sneaks into the hearts of its keepers. It has a sweet, kind and fun personality, yet it has a very good sense of when to step back and give space to the people it lives with.

It does not destroy the cat if it is left alone, in fact it specifically requires the lonely hours. With it, you will certainly not feel that you do not have a quiet moment, because your pet requires constant, undivided attention when you are at home.

4. Russian Blue cat

In addition to the unique and beautiful coat, this is not the only attractive thing about the Russian Blue cat, although it is certainly the first thing that stands out. It’s such a beautiful shade that you find yourself drooling over it and wanting your pet to spend every free moment in your company.

It is not a very common breed, which means that the guests visiting your household will approach it with unearned admiration. Fortunately, this beautiful animal also excels at this, because you don’t have to worry that it will attack at any time due to its offense or attention.

5. American shorthair cat

This breed of cat boasts a long lifespan, high intelligence and excellent manner. This means that it can be ideal not only for single people, but also for families with children, especially if the amount of available time is a problem.

Its fur requires little maintenance, and due to its personality, it is extremely well behaved on its own. However, its hunting skills are highly developed, so make sure that enough space, exciting climbing frames and cat ladder is available.

6. Somali cat

Its appearance is beautiful, so once you meet one of these breeds, you will definitely not forget it anytime soon. This gorgeous appearance is accompanied by a fantastic personality. And this combination makes the Somali almost unbeatable if you want company, but not constant attention.

Keeping a cat is a responsibility. Although there are breeds that find it easier to find themselves on their own, long, lonely periods without an owner have a bad effect on the mental state of any feline. Only decide to have a cat if your pet can be a priority even in spite of your busy schedule.

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