They particularly need variety: here’s what to look out for when feeding your cat

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Cats can be much pickier than dogs. Owners often find themselves faced with the problem that, in principle, they buy the best quality food, but the little bandit with the mustache is just disregards it. Moreover, it can also happen that he used to love something, but suddenly he doesn't care about it anymore. Variety will be the key in their case!


Many people don’t realize that unlike dogs, who are omnivores, cats are predatory carnivores that have difficulty digesting fiber and grains, if at all. We’ll show you how to make the most of their meal!

Can a cat be vegetarian or vegan?!

Browsing the Internet, we come across more and more extremes such as vegetarian diets for cats. Anyone who is vegenarian or vegan and wants to keep a cat, must take into account that their pet’s diet will not conform to the their principles. This must be accepted, it cannot be changed. Cats are carnivores, and in order to stay healthy, their diet must consist of meat. Period.

Complete proteins contain abundant amounts of essential amino acids and are found in foods such as meats, fish and eggs. Grains and vegetables do not provide these essential amino acids, nor taurine, which the kitty also needs.

What to feed them

They cannot digest carbohydrates at all, so it is not only less attractive for them, but also lowkey dangerous. A diet rich in grains leads directly to obesity, which shortens their life. They get their energy from glucose, which their liver produces from protein. You see, the system is expertly thought out and has been working for thousands of years, whether it’s a tiger or a domestic cat.

Many people like the BARF, in other name the raw meat diet, but at least as many oppose it. It has many advantages and disadvantages, we wrote more about it here. How you decide based on knowing the facts will be up to you.

In addition to meat-based nutrition, these wonderful animals also need variety and excitement in their diet. Here we wrote about the exciting but safe foods that can be found in your fridge or pantry, with which you can supplement and spice up a well-chosen and structured basic diet.

Dangers of dry food

One of the most important steps is to eliminate or minimize dry food in your cat’s diet. There are two significant reasons for this. These foods, even the best quality ones, contain on average 25-50% grain, the harmful effects of which have already been pointed out in the previous paragraph.

Cats evolved as desert animals, resulting with an extremely low thirst. Dry foods contain only about 10% moisture, as opposed to about 65% moisture in naturally occurring prey such as mice. In the long run, low moisture content can lead to dehydration, then kidney failure and urinary tract problems.

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