How to cut your cat’s claws? A scratch pole can be an alternative solution

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2022. February 15 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Trimming cats' claws are absolutely important, as, without it, it can cause serious damage to your furniture. However, the question may arise, should this be done by a professional or yourself? We show you a few methods that will make it easier to trim your nails at home.


Due to their nature, cats constantly use their claws, which can be a serious blow to the equipment. However, it is important to know that the complete removal of the claw is against the animal protection law in Hungary.

An important question is whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat

First of all, it is important to distinguish whether it is an outdoor or an indoor cat. Because if the cat is outside, it needs its claws for hunting, defense, and escape. Thus, in the case of an animal that is basically outside, it is not recommended to cut it at all. Indoor cats, on the other hand, need to cut their claws to protect the furniture. This prevents injury during the game and damage to the equipment. Claw trimming must only be done with a claw trimming tool intended for this purpose. Preferably at a time when the cat seems calm because if it is restless, it can scratch you. In addition, a scratching post is essential for every cat.

Scraper as an alternative solution

According to Popular Science, getting a nail scraper can be an alternative to nail clipping. This significantly reduces destructive behavior. This way you can distract the cat from the furniture. If you want your cat to stop scratching them, you should use the following methods:

  • Choose a scratching post that is stable and tall enough for the cat to stretch out and scratch.
  • Put it next to the furniture that you most often scratch.
  • Put toys, and catnip around it to make it more attractive to its than a piece of furniture.
  • Always praise the cat when its uses the scratching post.

How should you cut a cat’s claws?

If you decide on the alternative of cutting your nails at home, it is always worth associating the process with some pleasant feeling. This should be adapted specifically to the cat’s temperament. This can a game or food. You have to pay close attention to how long you cut your nails. Very importantly the redder, veiny part must be avoided, otherwise, you can damage the blood vessels and nerves, causing pain and bleeding. It is important that if you are not sure about your work, you should entrust the process to a professional. In fact, before your first nail trimming at home, you should ask your vet to show you how to do it correctly.

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