Is it possible that my cat does not like me? 6 signs that she resents you

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No matter how much you love your cat, he may not love you back. It is important to talk about this because unlike dogs, it is a little more difficult for cats to form intimate relationships. For them, it is important that they choose their favorite person, moreover, they do not see us as caretakers, but rather as equal partners.

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Although we can say that cats don’t hate, the lack of trust on their part is enough to make them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. The following signs make it clear that your cat is uncomfortable with and around you. In these cases, it is worth thinking about which of the family members or friends the kitten has developed a close and confidential relationship with, and whether that person would like to adopt it. You both deserve to feel loved.

1. The tail is horizontal

As you probably already know, our pets use their tails not only for balance, but also to express their emotions. If you learn the signs, you can read their emotions and moods very effectively.

A lowered, horizontal tail, or an erect tail, where the hair is sticking up to the sky, always indicates that the cat feels threatened and harassed. The lower the cat holds its tail, the more stressed it is, the more danger it feels. If you only experience this one sign, it is worth looking into the situation more closely, because it could easily be that he is not being bullied because of you, but because of something else.

2. He keeps hiding from you

A hiding cat is not a happy cat in the vast majority of cases. Guided by their instincts, they often rest in narrow or hidden places for safety; that’s why they also like boxes. But if you find that your pet never shows up in your presence, then there is a problem.

If she hides because you have just moved to a new place or a guest comes to the house, then this behavior is not for you, and you should not force him to come out. You should always let him show herself when she feels comfortable. It is also possible that there is some health problem behind the phenomenon, so a visit to the vet will definitely not hurt!

3. She bites

All experts agree that biting is a clear sign of your cat’s anger. However, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we must definitely add that biting is a normal behavior for cats, especially if they really warm up to the game. But there is an unmistakable difference between a gentle bite and an angry bite. If she grabs you or bites you when you want to caress her, it definitely indicates a lack of sympathy.

4. He walks away from you

If you try to play with or approach your cat and you see complete disinterest on the other side, even if his favorite toy is in your hand, this may indicate that the kitty is unhappy.

Of course, it is normal for a cat to slow down and rest a bit during play to take a break. However, in most cases, chronic disinterest in playful interaction indicates that the kitten would rather be with someone else and somewhere else.

5. Hisses at you

If a cat hisses at someone, it is a clear sign that it is not satisfied with the situation. This is an indisputable fact. This can indicate not only unhappiness and dissatisfaction in adults, but also threats. In a younger age, it also often occurs in cases when the kittens are testing their abilities, discovering the outside world and the stimuli coming from it.

6. They are friendly to everyone but you

The final stab to the heart. If your pet is cuddly and inquisitive when it comes to guests, but refuses to make contact with you, this is a clear indication that he has a personal problem with you. To get to the bottom of this, make sure that your cat has everything it needs: is it fed, watered, is the litter tray clean?

It can be hard to accept this situation, especially when you feel like you’ve done everything you could. All things considered, however, it can be said that the more you pay attention to your furry friend’s needs, the more certain he will love and stick to you. Take two steps back, don’t force anything! Provide him with food that he is sure to like, clean water, at least two clean litter trays, and plenty of opportunities to climb, rest and hide; and the most important thing is to wait patiently!

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