How to make a homemade cat ladder: the cat will enjoy its new kingdom!

Ferenczi Deborah

2022. February 24 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary, Facebook

As a cat owner, you are probably aware that kitties love to climb anything they can. In addition, their popular pastime is to scratch their nails on various surfaces. To ensure that these are not your furniture, you should get a cat ladder. Below we show you how to make this great climbing frame for your pet.


Before you start to DIY the cat ladder, it is important that you use an adhesive that is completely safe, but also very strong. In addition, you will need nails, a hammer, and scissors to make the climbing frame. It is important that you take great care to record everything carefully in order to avoid accidents.

How to make a smaller cat ladder?

If you want a smaller climbing frame, you should choose a solution with just a few steps, as these can be ideal for a smaller apartment due to their size. If you want this alternative, choose a stable ladder with wider rungs as a base. In addition, you will definitely need a few meters of thin rope, two decorative pillow covers made of stronger textile, and a flat sponge that will provide the soft lining. If you have them, apply glue to the legs of the ladder, then wrap them around with rope, because this will be the scraping surface of the ladder. When you are done with this, create a resting place in place of the steps. Also, if you want to make it even more comfortable, you should use the hammock-like solution made of pillowcases. It is recommended to pad these areas to make the cat more comfortable.

The video below shows how to make such a ladder:

How to make a taller climber?

The second alternative is somewhat simpler, but also much higher than the previous one, so it is not a particularly ideal solution for a smaller apartment. To achieve this, you will first need a fairly stable wooden ladder, and you can also install a basket on it that can comfortably fit an adult cat. From now on, you will need some planks and pieces of carpet. Boards covered with carpet are placed on the steps of the ladder, in any case fasten them firmly. It’s important to nail the boards to the steps, then cut out pieces of carpet the same size as the boards.

Glue the carpet pieces to the nailed boards. After that, glue a piece of carpet to the top of the opened ladder as well, this will serve as the main bed for the cat. It is worth nailing the basket here, as cats like to be on heights. And line the basket with all kinds of comfortable and soft pillows.

If you are ready with this, place the finished ladder in a quiet, safe place. It is very important to prop it up, so it should be near a wall if possible, and don’t put any fragile objects around it. Once you’ve made sure you’ve placed it in the safest place possible, let your kitty take ownership of her new realm.

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