Why do cats eat grass? It helps the digestive system function

Ferenczi Deborah

2022. November 22 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

Despite the fact that the cat is basically a carnivore, it often happens that it eats grass. This may seem strange at first since its mechanism cannot be interpreted as a carnivorous animal. Even though it is not his main diet, he still managed to maintain his health.


Grass eating can be unusual for cats, especially since they often vomit almost immediately after eating them. But then why does it eat the grass?

Helps their digestion

Since grass has a high fiber and vitamin content, on the one hand, it is an excellent nutrient, and it helps vomit and even has a small laxative effect. This significantly helps to empty the stomach and intestines of everything that the animal cannot digest, this is in the case of indoor cats, this is usually only hair, while in hunting individuals, it can even be bones, fur, and feathers. In addition, cats also like to play in the grass. Thus, its consumption is not a bad habit, but a natural form of behavior. For this, you do not need to wean your pet from this activity. On the other hand, you must pay close attention to the fact that the animal does not replace the grass by consuming houseplants, as these are the most dangerous poison for it.

It has an emetic effect

In a survey, researchers asked more than 1,000 cat owners about their cats’ grass-eating habits. According to the results, this is a widespread habit among animals. 71 percent have been observed at least six times in their lifetime, and only 11 percent have never experienced it. Cats probably eat grass mainly for its emetic effect. However, the observations revealed that only a third of the animals vomited after consuming it, and 91 percent of them did not show any symptoms of illness before that. The researchers believe that vomiting is not the purpose, but rather a side effect.

Instinctive actions

Another possible explanation for this habit is that eating plants is an instinctive act with evolutionary advantages for felines. According to the theory, based on studies of chimpanzees and other wild animals, in order to increase the muscle activity of the digestive system, the animals must get rid of the parasites that live in them. Only in domesticated cats, these parasites are no longer present, but the instinctive behavior will certainly remain. Based on the above, experts advise that it may be worth buying catnip. This is an excellent alternative as it allows them to indulge their inner instincts without the risk of poisoning.

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