How to choose a cat breed to suit your personality: if you want a loyal and loving friend, the Maine Coon is the perfect choice

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2023. September 2 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

When prospective owners decide to keep a dog, they always take great care in choosing the right breed. When it comes to cats, however, we tend to overlook the fact that choosing the right breed for us can make a big difference. Today's article will help you and your future pet make the perfect pair.


For example, did you know that Siamese cats are very affectionate and need lots of time together, while the British Shorthairs are sweet and loving, but they probably need more me time? Here is how to choose a cat breed that suit your personality.

1. If you are energetic and active

The Abyssinian could be the ideal choice for you. While it’s true that most cats like to be around people and spend time with them, the Abyssinian is particularly good at it. They love to learn tricks, have lots of energy and even find a common ground with children, which is a great relief in a large family. They are intelligent and loyal animals, so you won’t feel lonely for a moment in their company. Life with it will be a game!

2. If you are an introvert

Basically, cat owners are much more introverted than dog owners. But even among them there are some who enjoy watching a film, baking a cake, reading or just snuggling up with their cat over a cup of tea in the shelter of their home more than the average cat owner. If you know yourself, the beautiful Russian Blue cat is for you.

They are wary of strangers, but can be very affectionate with their owners. And that’s not the only reason why this beautiful breed is a dream for introverted owners. They also have no problem spending time alone, but it’s guaranteed that when you meet them again, they’ll be the sweetest.

3. If you are gentle

A gentle giant, the Maine Coon is the perfect choice if you want a playful, loyal companion who loves to be close to you. Its sturdy build makes it particularly suitable for households with young children, and unlike most breeds, it will enjoy spending time with them. You won’t even have to worry about visitors, as this breed loves all the attention.

4. If you’re a people person

The Siamese cat is the ally for you if you like to be around people, enjoy the hustle and bustle of life and don’t just want to keep a cat. Siamese cats love to play with other cats, learn and fool around a lot. They can also form very close relationships with other animals and people they live with. Their intelligent, easy-going nature makes them a great choice for families.

5. If you are balanced

And you want your little one to reflect that, then the British Shorthair is the one for you. It’s very easy to live with and adapts easily to any new situation. Its friendly, calm nature also allows you to keep it with other animals. However, you should be careful not to force it into every situation because of its easy-going nature. Occasionally let it go its own way, as it needs some me-time.

6. If you’re forever curious

The unique-looking Devon Rex will go with you on every adventure. Expect its curiosity and immense loyalty to follow you wherever you go, and it’ll poke its cute little nose into everything. It’s intelligent, playful and active, so there’s sure to be never a dull moment when you two set off to conquer the world. We’re already a little envious…

7. If you are self-aware

And if you want that confidence to show in your pet, we think the Cornish Rex would be a fantastic match. Even in its old age, it’s lively and playful. It is an unstoppable breed; careful and conscious training is essential. In addition to its lively temperament, it is a cuddly, sensitive cat who loves spending time with its family.

8. If humour and antics are your vital elements

Then we can’t think of a more ideal companion for you than a cat in snowshoes. It has a unique personality, so you’re sure to never have a boring moment with it. Thanks to its fun-loving personality, the Snowshoes cat is always ready for a bit of fun, but if it senses you’re in a bad mood or sick, it’ll be the first to come to your rescue, offering its devoted love to comfort or heal you instantly. It’s not a fan of strangers, so make sure that when you have guests over, it has a quiet place where it can retreat to.

Ultimately, whatever you decide, the most important thing is to learn to interpret your cat’s body language, so that if it tries to tell you something, you can respond immediately. In this way, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll always live together in fun and love.

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