6 cat breeds for those who want a cuddly, sensitive pet: did you know that the Sphynx is one of the most caring breeds?

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2023. August 13 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Anyone who approaches the mysterious nature of cats a little more openly knows that finding a sensitive, kind and cuddly cat is not at all as difficult as their reputation claims.


Although the cat breeds below are ready to show their affecionate behaviour and unconditional love, their personality plays a big role in their character as well. Cats begin to behave in accordance with their personality at the age of 3-7 weeks, laying the foundation for their typical adult behavior. Thus, if you raise your pet with love and proper socialization, it will definitely trust you and love you best in its own way.

These cats won’t let you alone for a second!

1. Ragdoll

True to their name, Ragdolls are known for relaxing in their owner’s arms. When they are handled they loosen up like a rag doll. It’s no wonder that these blue-eyed beauties won first place in the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s list of the most popular breeds in 2019 and 2020. Family-friendly, calm and collected Ragdolls are perfect members of loving and caring households.

2. Maine Coon

If you have a lot of love in your heart, for which you are looking for a place and you are ready to receive at least the same amount, if not more, you are in the right place. Hugging the huge, fluffy Maine Coon makes even non-cat people’s hearts melt. We say this from experience.

These cats really appreciates the attention and petting provided by other family members and friends, so you don’t have to worry that if you’re away, your pet will go through hell because of your absence. Could anything be more perfect than that?

3. Siamese

Many people say that sociable Siamese cats want to be the center of attention at every opportunity, thanks to their dog-like behavior. Owners who require privacy, such as those who like to go to the toilet alone, have to face the fact that with a Siamese in the same household, this will never happen again. They are like a little curious shadow.

They usually get along well with other cats and other pets as well. But you have to take into account the huffish attitude if you leave them alone for a long time. Quid pro quo, right?

4. Sphynx

While their bald bodies don’t scream “hug me!”, it’s just another example of never judging a book by its cover. In colder weather, clothing is mandatory for them, but petting and hugging mostly warms the small bodies of Sphinxes.

Although their skin requires special care they repay this with their kindness and care. If they sense that you are sad or depressed, they will not move away from you until you feel better.

5. Persian

These flat-faced fluffballs also rank high on the list of least aggressive breeds. As one of the best-known and most stylish cat breeds, it’s no wonder that they are very careful about their reputation.

In order to be grateful for the endless love that you will receive from a Persian, as an owner, you must also pay special attention to grooming them, not just snuggling and cuddling.

6. Birman

It is believed that it all began in the ancient temples of Burma, when a priest died. His spirit passed into these cats to purify himself before moving on to his next life. So it’s no wonder that their personalities are so kind, pure and loving. They have been trying to make people’s lives better with all their skills ever since they existed.

Moreover, unlike many cats, Birmans are usually good even with children; even if they were not socialized together. However, before you decide on the breed, it is worth considering that they need a lot of attention and playtime.

We hope we helped! And you are not like us, that now you want not only one cat, but at least six.

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