7 Lessons Cats Teach Us About Love: Let First Impressions Not Decide Everything

Hangai Lilla

2023. December 31 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Unfriendly, selfish, calculating — cats often face these accusations. However, just because someone is different and we don't understand their uniqueness, it doesn't mean they are bad. On the contrary! Cats are attentive, affectionate, caring, and never pretend to be something they're not. Aren't these qualities sought after in a good relationship?


We learn many things from them about life, love, and how to stay true to ourselves. Let’s delve into that today. In advance, apologies if it gets sentimental.

1. Don’t let first impressions decide

If we relied on first impressions to determine whether a cat would be a suitable companion or favorite, few households would have cats. They are not always the friendliest when we first meet them. Time and space are needed for their love and personality to unfold. But once you get to know them better, they show how colorful and loving individuals they are, willing to stand by you as long as their hearts beat.

This applies to humans too. Give them time to be sure they are safe with you and can show who they truly are.

2. Everyone loves in their own way

Like humans, cats also express their love in their own way. Whether they feel best when they can follow you everywhere, don’t enjoy physical contact much, or prefer to spend their time sitting on your neck or lying on you, the essence is the same. The most beautiful gift, in our opinion, is allowing someone to love you in the way that comes most naturally to them and trying to reciprocate in a similar manner. This kind of wisdom will make both people and animals around you feel incredibly good.

3. Respecting each other’s personal space

Cats show us that we don’t necessarily have to be constantly with someone we love. Spending time apart only makes a relationship more harmonious, as it allows us to better understand ourselves and savor the joys of desire and the sweet pleasures of reunification.

4. Being present together

Sometimes we forget that when we spend time with someone, we should live in the moment without thinking about what happened yesterday, what will happen tomorrow, or what others are doing.

It’s a huge luxury when you spend time with someone and let everything else fade away. Your cat, when with you, is indescribably happy that you are together, enjoying each other’s company and undivided attention. These are the moments that strengthen the bond, not mindlessly scrolling through TikTok or Instagram for hours with another sentient being in your company.

5. Rote has no effect on them

Cats are masters of appearing out of nowhere. Just when you think the day is done, you can bury yourself in the remaining work, your phone, or the TV, and suddenly, there they are. Rubbing against you, purring, kneading on you. And you feel like the world is in order.

In human relationships, it’s crucial to show the other person, even in seemingly mundane days or busy moments, that we know they are present. A stroke, a kiss, a smile is enough for the other to feel that we never take each other for granted.

6. Be yourself

Cats don’t care what you think of them, and they will never behave differently just to be loved more. Isn’t it liberating to be loved for who you really are?

7. Love cannot be bought

Cats need much less than you would think: food, water, a safe shelter, love, quality time spent together. That’s it. These things cannot be replaced by any expensive toy or fancy bed. They value an empty paper bag more than the most expensive and modern toy. So, you have no more excuses! Put your wallet away and play together!

We tend to believe that we can compensate for neglected love for our partners, family members, or friends with some expensive gift. Bad news: just as we can’t do it with cats, we can’t do it with them either.

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