8 Signs that According to Your Cat, You’re the Best

Hangai Lilla

2024. February 6 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

For every owner, it's essential that their pet is balanced and content. And, of course, we also want to know if we're doing a good job. There's nothing wrong with needing a little feedback now and then!


We know that cats can’t speak yet – or at least they hide it well – but this doesn’t stop them from expressing appreciation. We’ll now show through our own favorites what the 8 signs of a happy cat are. If you experience these, you can be sure that your furry friend loves you.

1. Greets You

Our tortoiseshell cat, Csíkos (Stripes), always eagerly awaits us at the gate when we come home, prancing around. Often, she climbs the fence to watch our arrival from above. As we enter the gate, she throws herself on her back, rolls, practically begging for some petting. Unlike most cats, she doesn’t mind if we scratch her belly at this moment. (Showing the belly is another sign that the animal feels safe with you.) After enjoying the petting, she walks in front of us, accompanying us on our way. Her tail is upright, forming a little hook at the end, indicating her happiness and excitement.

2. Purrs

Csíkos immediately starts purring when we scratch under her chin or near her ears. However, sometimes she purrs just lying next to us quietly, enjoying the sunlight on the terrace. Our presence alone is enough for her to express contentment.

3. Kneads on You

Our tabby cat named Matyi (Matty) – who is actually a female, a misunderstanding led to the name, but since cats know their names, we didn’t want to change it later – is the most intelligent and cuddliest member of the trio. She can even snuggle into a stranger’s lap if she feels the chemistry. So, Matyi is a cat who purrs, but she primarily shows her contentment through kneading. The only downside is that she does this exclusively with extended claws. As long as our nerves hold, we let her, knowing she’s very happy at such moments.

4. Slowly Blinks at You

As cat owners, we dare to say that our cats rarely blink slowly at us, especially not blinking back when we do it to them – we tried it, purely for scientific purposes. However, we know that many cats communicate this way with their owners, indicating that the cat feels safe and loves the owner. The lesson here is that every cat is different. If you experience most of these signs but not all, it doesn’t mean you should worry.

A happy cat doesn’t hide its feelings and lets you know how much it loves you.

5. Wants To Be Near You

Csíkos doesn’t require constant physical contact, nor does the third member of the trio, Bolond Kalapos (Mad Hatter), a white tomcat with a tabby hat on his head. However, they both like to be where we are. All the time. Really, not a step can be taken without them. When we engage in any activity, they need to be there, monitoring everything. They literally take objects out of our hands until they can sniff and inspect them. You can be sure your pet loves you if they are always close, interested in what you’re doing.

6. Give Gifts

If we had to detail what embarrassing things our three companions have left on the doormat, we would surely blush. There were times when a half-slice of buttered bread was the surprise. (Where did they get it?!) Yet, we were happy even with a dirty and leaf-covered slice because we knew it meant they loved us. Cats are grateful for providing them shelter and food, and they express it by taking care of us. That’s what family members do.

7. Nibbles, Grooms

Among cats, the language of love is grooming each other. A loving, carefree cat also loves to groom its owner to strengthen the bond between them. Grooming is clearly the love language of all three cats, but Matyi especially enjoys it after getting tired from kneading.

Among the three, Csíkos is the most playful. When heated in the excitement of play, she loves to lie down next to us and nibble on our fingers or the sleeves of our sweater. We know that she’s in a really good mood at such times and appreciates playing together, spending time with us.

8. Head-butts You

When we spend time with them, it’s clear that all three have completely different personalities and enjoy different quality time activities the most. However, it’s characteristic of Matyi, Cíkos, and Bolond Kalapos to, during petting when they are almost bursting with satisfaction and joy, start walking around us, rubbing their heads against us, tapping – for lack of a better word. We love this because we know we’ve done a really good job as owners, and our little protégés are living a good life.

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