How your cat tells you it cares about you: 8 signs it is attached to you

Ferenczi Deborah

2023. September 28 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Have you ever wondered how your cat shows you that you are important to it? Well, this is actually a very important question, because they express their emotions in a very different way than humans. Below, we have collected the most common signs and behavior patterns that indicate that your cat really cares about you.


A cat can show its attachment in many different ways. These include purring, licking, and even rolling on the floor.

1. Purring

Cats most often express their love and happiness by purring. If your pet often purrs while being petted, then it is certainly very deeply attached to you.

2. Rolling on the ground

When your kitty throws itself on the floor and starts rolling around, it is probably very excited to see you and wants you to give it a little attention. This is a kind of affectionate greeting, with which it expresses that it wants your attention and trusts you to the maximum.

3. Rubs against you

When your cat rubs against you, it marks you. In this case, it leaves his scent on you and communicates to the world that you are in its posession. And it does this when it loves you very much.

4. Kneading

The kneading behavior is typical for cats when a person is very important to them. In this case, they perform movements similar to kneading dough with their paws. By the way, this is originally a behavior characteristic of kittens, as they press on their mother’s stomach in this way during breastfeeding. However, this persists later on and they continue this behavior when they feel loved and happy.

5. Playing together

Cats tend to play with whom they enjoy this activity, and this is usually someone important to them and close to our hearts.

6. Tail

Many people don’t know, but you can tell exactly whether the cat loves its owner or not by its tail. Because if it holds its tail straight up and bends the end a little, it is a clear sign that you are very important to it.

7. Meowing

Cats rarely meow to other cats, as this form of communication was developed specifically for humans. Usually, only kittens meow to their mothers, and they outgrow this habit as adults. However, if your adult cat meows to you a lot, it means that it views you in the same way as its mother. And this is a clear sign of its love.

8. Licking

Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, but kitties who have a special relationship usually groom each other as well. Those who lick their owners have similarly developed a special relationship with their owners. Thus, licking is a clear sign that you are important to the cat.

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