What does prolonged eye contact mean for cats? Could it really indicate aggression?

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2023. September 30 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Despite the fact that in the case of humans, eye contact is truly intimate, animals often perceive it as aggression or even a provocation. But in the case of dogs, for example, eye contact can also be a special sign of attachment, affection, and mutual connection. Do cats think the same way? We will investigate this question below.


In the case of cats making eye contact suggests provocation rather than love and a special connection. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to how you make eye contact with a kitty.

Eye contact usually arises from conflict

Direct eye contact not only intimidates the cat, but also gives it a kind of signal that something is wrong. In this case, the kitty can become particularly angry and aggressive, as it may think that it is in danger. But in the same way, it can even be afraid of humans in such a situation. If you feel that the animal feels threatened, but there is no reason to worry, then simply block its field of vision and distract it.

Eye contact between cats is a kind of hierarchy struggle

This is how they often resolve conflicts among themselves without fighting. After all, as long as they stare at each other, they avoid fighting. And this is also a kind of hierarchy struggle, since if one dodges, then the other will most likely avoid the aggression.

If you blink during eye contact, does the cat feel threatened?

It is an interesting suggestion that if you keep eye contact while blinking at the cat, it will not take it as a threat, but rather as a bond. It is indeed true that the threat is felt when the opposite party does not break the eye contact and keeps staring at the animal. But if you look away or blink while doing so, the animal will probably not feel in danger. Especially if it is done by someone close to it.

However, regardless of this, you should not express your connection with your cat in this way, because it can be misunderstood very easily. Rather, stick to ways that also clearly indicate love in its language, such as caressing, petting or snuggling. From all of these, it will know exactly that you love it.

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