The 6 biggest cats in the world: the chausie can weigh 11 kg and still jump up to 2 metres

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2023. February 25 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

A bigger cat means that you have even more square centimeters of kitty at your disposal, which you can pile your love on. We freely admit that we love big cats. There is something in them that is quite out of this world, something astonishing.


If you feel the same way, we have collected 6 large cat breeds that are guaranteed to steal your heart.

Nelle the casserole won Best in Show at the 2022 GCCF Supreme Show.

1. Maine coon

We try not to be biased, but we don’t want to live in denial any longer: the Maine Coon is one of our biggest favorites and not just because of its fantastic size. They can reach a weight of 12 kg, and not because of uncontrolled lasagna eating, like Garfield. Their majestic, 1 m long body is covered in soft, rich and surprisingly low-maintenance fur.

These gentle giants were originally kept as farm cats as they are excellent mousers. However, thanks to their striking good looks, outstanding intelligence and playful nature, they soon got a rented place in people’s homes. An interesting fact is that their voice is not quite a meow, but rather a howl.

2. Chausie

The specially named chausie is a large breed of cat that is the result of a cross between a wild jungle cat and a domestic cat. These charming looking cats can weigh up to 11 kg. Thanks to their long legs and extremely agile bodies, acrobatic is their middle name. Due to their wild appearance, these sociable cats are suitable for families who spend most of their time at home. They require a lot of attention, love and even more play. In their case, even more than an average cat, more emphasis must be placed on the routine, they are not fond of when and if something changes.

The chausie has a very deep chest, which means their air reserves can be huge, so it can seem like they almost never tire out. Moreover, if they are very disappointed in someone, that deep sigh will surely penetrate to the bone.

3. Ragamuffin

It was long considered a variant of another large cat, the ragdoll; in 1994, however, it was recognized as an independent breed. His fur is similar to rabbit fur, his eyes are kind, his personality is friendly and very soft, lovable. We can tell you in advance that you can melt away from this pair of eyes like butter on pancakes. They usually grow to about 11 kg and can live up to 18 years.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat’s strong, muscular body and fur can be similar to the Maine Coon. It has huge paws, which gives this already breathtaking kitty an even more princely appearance. Its weight is around 10 kg on average, and it owes its special aura to a legend. It was believed that there was a cat living in the forests of Norway that magically disappeared or appeared, and most of the time only its thick, fluffy tail was visible. One of its main personality traits is loyalty, but it can also be playful, friendly and highly intelligent.

5. American short tail

Not only the body of this cat, but also the tail is stocky, so it is very easy to recognize. As soon as we look at them, we are immediately overwhelmed by cute aggression, because they create exactly the same effect as a soft teddy bear. But don’t let the appearance fool you! His long hind legs, massive weight of 7-8 kg, broad chest and alert hunter’s gaze are in perfect harmony.

Rumor has it that they are so resourceful that they easily escape from closed rooms or cages. They are playful, sociable cats that require a lot of attention. They adapt very easily, so they can also be ideal for those who, for example, have to move more often due to their work.

6. Siberian

This unique cat breed is large, strong and intelligent. Not by chance, because it had to show off its cushiony little paws in extremely unforgiving climatic conditions. The breed’s potential was recognized very quickly and domesticated to reign in the warmth of rooms. Maybe that’s why they’re so amazingly affectionate.

Ingenuity is also a characteristic of them, and they also have excellent hunting instincts. Their weight is 10-12 kg, a significant part of it is made up of fur. We can already feel it between our fingers…

You see, there are cases when the good things comes in big packages.

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