Astonishing Video: Photographer Meets a Cheetah Mother

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. July 8 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

The mother animal did something that the photographer probably didn't expect when he decided to take pictures of the cheetah family.


In a remarkable video, a photographer has an unexpected encounter with a cheetah mother. The mom did something that the photographer likely did not anticipate when he set out to photograph the family.

Cats Remember

Most wild animals either keep their distance from humans, moving away to avoid interaction, or, if too frightened, adhere to the principle that the best defense is a good offense, trying to save their own skins. However, the cheetah mother featured in the video above knew she had no reason to fear the person taking the footage. In a surprising turn of events, she used a unique call to summon her cubs to come and greet the nature photographer.

An important part of the video’s backstory is that the wild animal already knew the photographer. Some time ago, the man had rescued the cheetah when she was injured, and she hadn’t forgotten. Cats are famous for their exceptional memory. They remember exactly who you are, even if they haven’t seen you for years.

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