Incredible how this tiger entertains itself – video

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. June 20 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

With the help of its caretaker, this captive tiger has found the world's best fun.


For captive big cats, it is essential that their caretakers provide not only the appropriate size and layout of the area but also take the time and energy to allow the animal to fulfill its hunting instincts. Naturally, this is not done in a Jurassic Park style by throwing live prey in front of the tiger; alternatives are offered to the predator. For example, the tiger in the video below can experience catching an animal with the help of a huge rubber ball, which then splashes into its pool.

The tiger and the water

Although most cats hate water, the tiger is one of the feline species that particularly enjoys swimming. On warmer days, even in the wild, it cools itself in lakes and rivers, and it has the same need when living in captivity. Thus, combining the pleasant with the useful, it can splash around while simulating a hunt.

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