50 baboons attack this unsuspecting leopard: video of the incident

Hangai Lilla

2024. April 29 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

It is shocking how the big cat fought for his honour.


Witnesses in South Africa were treated to an extraordinary sight: on a busy road, 50 baboons attacked a hunting leopard. As seen in the footage, the spotted cat was prowling along the roadside in the grass, then leaped onto the road, startling the baboons. They immediately perceived the threat and, following the principle of safety in numbers, charged at the leopard. Due to the commotion, traffic came to a halt, and the leopard wisely fled the scene with minor injuries.

The leopard was probably not expecting such a violent reaction

Baboons are generally not aggressive or dangerous, but when provoked, they will not hesitate to flash their huge canines. The leopard was very lucky to get away with so much.

As a little bonus, on this recording, another leopard came face to face with a warthog, also in the middle of the road:

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