A cat fights off coyotes to save their canine friend (video)

Molnár Enikő

2024. April 12 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Many consider cats to be selfish beings, who care little for others. Even if the aforementioned theory hasn’t been disproved enough times, this video will surely prove that cats are indeed often the heroes we need not what we deserve.


The following story goes against stereotypes about cats on several fronts. On the one hand, this black cat proves that the superstitions about the colour of cats have no basis in reality. It doesn’t make you a servant of Satan, a witch or even a bad omen. In fact, the opposite, because this kitten is a good luck charm. On the other hand, it disproves that dogs and cats are arch-enemies and inherently can’t stand each other. Evidently, there are breeds that are not really recommended to have a kitten with. On the contrary, in most cases with the right training, pets can tolerate, moreover, even like each other. In the video, a small, white dog is let out to do her evening chores, but suddenly coyotes appear to attack her. The poor dog has little chance since the predators are several times her body size, additionally, here we are talking about at least two, if not more. But luckily for her, the heroic cat of the house came to her rescue, and pounced on the coyotes, saving the dog’s life.

Who knows what would have happened if the brave kitten hadn’t been around to save her friend? The doggy had to have surgery on her leg, but she recovered and is now doing well. As for the cat, she escaped unharmed and have been guarding the area ever since.


Black house cat saves dog who was attacked by two coyotes #blackcat #catsoftiktok

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It was inspiring to see just our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes who were attacking this little dog who she loves, and run them off.

– the owner told the news channel

Although this cat saved the life of the family dog, not all cats love their housemate so much. But there are some breeds that are more compatible with dogs than others. In this article, we list five of these dog-friendly cat breeds.

black cat dog cat friendship heroic cat video

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