7 cat misconceptions that need to be debunked: they are not ancient enemies of dogs and drinking cow’s milk is not good for them

Hangai Lilla

2023. October 13 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Despite being one of the most popular pets, cats are often misunderstood. Perhaps this has something to do with the mystical aura that surrounds them. Like most animals, cats are complex creatures and there is much more to them than many stereotypes lets you to see.


Some myths about cats are quite harmless, but some cat misconception be dangerous as they are treated differently thanks to them.

Misconception 1: Cats and dogs are ancient enemies

Tons of TV shows and movies are based on this concept, but according to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, it’s not true. A good, or at worst, acceptable relationship between a dog and a cat is completely feasible.

“Sure, we have two species and when you’re talking about two different species, there is a communication gap that is bound to happen, That’s why it’s our job to be ambassadors — to do everything we can to ease that communication gap between the two species.” — Galaxy explained in an interview.

Misconception 2: They are night creatures

The belief that cats are nocturnal creatures is still prevalent in popular belief. Not quite. They are crepuscular animals, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. This is self-evident when you consider that in nature their prey animals are also the most mobile during these periods.

And related to this, it is also not true that they can see in complete darkness. In order to see, they need a minimal amount of light, which their eyes amplify in a membrane called the tapetum.

Misconception 3: They cannot be taught, trained

Even though they seem to do whatever they want, they can be trained. However, unlike dogs, they cannot be motivated by discipline. Experts recommend the use of a clicker and snacks, as well as a short training time. In addition, if you are planning for the long term, don’t force anything; all you will achieve is that the cat will be stubborn.

Misconception 4: Cow’s milk is good for them

Although many cats are attracted to dairy products, certain types of milk are not safe for them to consume. Especially not cow’s milk. It causes stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting in many individuals.

In order for the kitten to be properly hydrated and not to develop diseases, it is worth minimizing dry food in their diet. In addition, provide it with fresh, clean water, then there will definitely be no problem.

Misconception 5: They do not require much care and attention

This myth probably spread because people tend to compare cats to dogs. It’s true that in some ways cats require a little more attention than dogs, but that doesn’t mean cats don’t need love, care, and attention.

A very dangerous cat misconception is that they do not require much attention and care.

This mentality has many dangers. If you think that, for example, it’s perfectly fine to go away for a few days and leave the cat alone with the automatic feeder and some water, because it’ll be fine, that’s a big mistake. Even if the food is okay, it is easy for them to develop separation anxiety. They crave routine, stability and love just like dogs, they just show it differently.

Misconception 6: Humans are just tolerated by them

It is clear from their domestication process that they have decided to stay with humans even though they don’t really need us.

The fact that not all individuals are fans of snuggling, kissing or cuddling is completely normal. A cat is really not ideal for someone who wants to impose their own desires on an independent animal.

Misconception 7: Indoor cats do not need as many vaccinations as outdoor cats

Living indoors doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t need protection against disease and parasites. Regular vaccinations and medical check-ups are also essential for such cats. Any members of the family can go outside of the apartment, so it is easy to bring in sources of danger.

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