Why does the cat hide under the blanket?

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In addition to possible reasons, we'll also discuss how to discourage this behavior if it's bothersome.


Snuggling up with a soft kitty is one of the best feelings in the world, but there are situations when it’s not so comfortable if the cat hides under the blanket. During shedding season, it’s understandable if you’d rather not lie in a pile of cat fur, just as it’s not necessarily a good idea to share the bed with them when they’re seriously ill. The good news is that with some small tricks, you can discourage your pet from constantly being under the blanket. However, it’s important to know the reasons behind the cat’s behavior. Let’s see what these are and what you can do in different cases.

1.) It is warm and comfortable under the blanket

Cats often choose your bed as a resting place because it’s warm under the blanket, your mattress is comfortable, and they can smell your reassuring scent. These all provide ideal conditions for restful sleep, which we know is one of the most essential elements of a cat’s life.

If you want your cat to sleep elsewhere, the best thing you can do is offer an alternative. A bed placed near a heater or even on the radiator could be an ideal solution, and you can ensure your scent is present with an old t-shirt.

2.) The cat is playing

For many pets, one of the greatest joys is playing under the blanket – especially when you’re trying to change the sheets. The cat crawls under the sheets or blanket, runs around, possibly scratches and nibbles, and does everything to hinder your chores. This is a completely natural behavior that can be attributed to the animal’s primal instincts. Essentially, during play, they’re hunting. They ambush their prey from cover and try to sneak up on the unsuspecting victim, in this case, your hand.

You can also address this issue by offering alternatives. Often, attention-seeking behavior is behind it, especially in high-energy pets that require more playtime. Play with them more using toys like wand toys or feather teasers. This way, you can mimic hunting while keeping your sheets and hands intact.

3.) Safe hiding place

For some cats, snuggling under the blanket is soothing, they feel safe sleeping there. Cats like places where they’re protected from all sides (which is why they love boxes), so they can rest undisturbed. Pay attention to when your pet crawls under the blanket. This can be an important signal to you about when the animal feels stressed. Do they immediately retreat when guests arrive? Perhaps they seek refuge under the blanket from the noise of children?

If you see that your cat seeks security, create a quiet spot for them in a quieter area of your home. It’s probably not a coincidence that they seek refuge in the bedroom, as there’s less traffic and noise during the day. If you don’t mind them being in the room otherwise, but you want to keep the bed free of fur, place a small box in one corner where they can retreat.

Sometimes it just wants to be close to you

4.) They want to be with you

There are cats who simply crawl next to you under the blanket because they want to be near you. For particularly affectionate cats, this behavior is the same as jumping into your lap or following you into the bathroom. It’s not an easy task to discourage this, but if you cuddle them a lot during the day, perhaps they won’t need your presence as much at night.

5.) It can also be a sign of illness

We’ve mentioned several times how adept cats are at hiding their illnesses. One reason is that when they have a problem, they become more withdrawn and avoid situations where their condition might be revealed. If your pet didn’t used to do this but you notice they often hide under the blanket now, and perhaps exhibit other behavioral changes, it’s best to consult a vet. A thorough examination can reveal any potential health issues.

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