Why do cats bite when playing? Many people misunderstand this

Szénási Szimonetta

2023. October 15 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Cats' behavior can often be surprising, but everything has a reason. Biting is a form of communication on their part.


Has it ever happened to you that your cat bit you for seemingly no reason while playing or petting? This reaction, which is often more of a signal, is very common and is usually triggered by inappropriate behavior on the part of the owner. But there those who choose this way of self-expression for a completely different reason. Let’s take a look at why a cat bites!

1. Excitement

There is that typical feline behavior, when the animal’s eyes wide open, its ears flap back, and then it starts running up and down the apartment, perhaps towards the top of the scratching post or scratching something furiously. In the best case, only the part of the scratching post used for sharpening the nails, but sometimes also a piece furniture.

The reason for this vehement behavior is excitement. Often, the cat drains the excess energy in this way, but it is also possible that something has activated its hunting instinct. If you try to play with it at this time, it is easy for your over-excited pet to scratch or bite you. We recommend that instead of petting, you should distract it with some kind of cat toy.

If your kitty is very excited, it’s better to play with it instead of petting it.

2. Restlessness

Mental problems do not escape your cat either, so he can be stressed, tense or anxious. There can be many reasons behind it, starting with environmental changes, overturning the daily schedule, and the arrival of a new family member or pet. So anything that disturbs the animal’s usual rhythm of life. However, restlessness can be triggered by some momentary disturbance, such as the arrival of a guest. Especially if the guest tries to pet the kitty at all costs. In this case, the cat often bites in tension.

The golden rule is that any animal should only be approached with sufficient patience and caution. Until the kitty shows signs of openness, it is not worth being high-handed with it!

Many cats do not like it when a stranger is too close to them.

3. Overstimulating

It can also end in a bite if the cat is exposed to too many stimuli. Excessive caressing can easily lead to the cat using its claws and teeth to escape. In the same way, playing and having fun can be overdone. Always pay attention to your pet’s needs, and if you see that it has had enough of something, then let it go. And if children come to your place, be sure to make it clear to them that the kitty – no matter how cute it is – is not a toy! For this reason, it should only be handled delicately. However, it is best not to leave them unattended – for the sake of both the cat and the children.

Always explain to visiting children how and how not to play with the cat!

4. Love

The sweetest reason for a cat bites is to express love. This may also be behind the above mentioned biting during playthe delicate, soft biting clearly indicates that you are important to it, and it wants to let you know this.

Sometimes a kitty will bite out of love.

As a cat owner, you can definitely distinguish the various “bite types” of your cat and treat the given situation accordingly. Sometimes you have to ensure the peace of your pet, other times you have to stimulate a bit, while sometimes you just have to enjoy the heart-warming effect of the loving relationship between you.

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