Did your cat get angry with you? Here are 8 signs that it really doesn’t like something

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2023. October 8 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Have you ever felt that your cat specifically resents you? Well, it is possible that it is angry about something. Below we have collected 8 signs, which clearly indicate that you did something unfavourable according to your pet!


Dawn Kavanaugh, an expert on cat behavior, believes that cats are clearly capable of feeling anger, and it’s no secret that they want to let you know. In such cases, it may happen that it directly pee on your belongings, or possibly knocks over your favorite objects. You can clearly tell what the animal is feeling from its body language. Here are the 8 signs that your cat is angry.

1. Avoids you

It can be hard to tell if your cat is keeping its distance because it is nervous, or if it is staying away because it just doesn’t like being close that much. But if there has been a sudden change in its behavior, then it certainly wants to bring something to your attention.

2. Growling at you

Many people don’t even know that cats can growl, but an angry cat can! If your cat makes a sound like this, then it must be very angry about something. In such cases, it is worth keeping some distance from the animal and giving it free space until it calms down.

3. Hides away

It can also be a sign of anger if the cat hides or hides away from you. If it is not visibly looking for your company, then there may be a problem with the animal.

4. Changes in its posture

The typical angry cat posture is when its back is arched and the hair on all parts of its body stands up. This is a kind of instinctive behavior, since in this case the animal appears taller and more terrifying. In these cases, it is also recommended to leave it alone rather than to upset it more.

5. Pees on your pillow

A clear sign that it has a very serious problem with you is if it pees on your pillow, for example or on things that are important to you. Be sure that the litter is clean; if not, probably thats the problem.

6. It bites or scratches you

If your cat bites or scratches you, it may be doing so because it is very angry with you for something.

7. Wags its tail

A very clear sign that the cat is angry is when the tail is low and moving. In such cases, the animal is usually very disturbed, so leave it in its own space.

8. Does not eat

When a cat is upset, it may eat less or refuse to eat at all. This is often a reaction to a new or unfamiliar situation. It can be triggered by a change in routine or a major event at home, such as the birth of a new baby. It is important to know that this is more related to the fact that the animal is depressed than to anger. However, this can also be a sign of illness, so if you experience this, you should definitely consult a veterinarian!

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