Funny cat stories from the vet: the novice owner was told in the emergency room that the sound he thought was a raspy cough was a purr

Hangai Lilla, 2023. April 23 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Sometimes it happens that even the most experienced cat owners get confused when they see or hear certain things. We're doing our best not to offend the callow owners, but a little laugh never hurt anyone.


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We’ll show you how the seemingly obvious things cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cat owners.

Poor, fat kitty

Jillian’s wallet was heavily burdened by the following incident. She noticed that her kitty was no longer grooming himself regularly, his fur was clumped together and knotted. And as we all know, that doesn’t mean anything good when it comes to the clean-loving cats. The lady listened to her instincts and immediately took her pet to the vet. There, they told her that the fat layer accumulated for the winter was to blame. The cat is not lazy, depressed or sick, it is simply fat and can no longer reach most areas.

We’ve always said they’re smarter than most people think

The lady heres also experienced hell, because her pet ran non-stop to the litter tray and scratched and kicked the litter in it. This phenomenon is another recurring nightmare of cat owners, because it usually predicts some kind of urinary tract disease. Except now.

The owner encouraged the cat to use the litter tray by giving it a snack. And as we have already written, thanks to their excellent long-term memory, they can remember things for up to 10 years. Even if that something included a little treat. The wggish cat ran to the litter again and again hoping for a small reward.

Let the world know, I have to pee!

This owner learned from the vet that sometimes, when using the litter box, male cats like to loudly announce to the whole world that they are peeing. There is no mention of infection, disease or pain. It is simply the superbly developed self-awareness that plays a role here. We love it!

Almost revelatory surgery was the end of the happy purring

The next young man was a little more worried than average as a first-cat-owner. But of course we learn early on that it’s better to be safe than sorry. From the beginning, the owner heard this strange, grating sound, which made him immediately think the worst: pneumonia.

He ran to the vet. Since the sound could not be heard, they had no time to waste, because in such cases every minute counts. After the X-ray and other tests, already in preparation for the operation, the strange, grating sound could be heard again. All the vet said was: Sir, this cat is purring.

Depression is not selective

This owner’s cat scared the family to death. It showed almost all the signs that the cat is dying: it didn’t drink, it didn’t eat, it slept more than usual and it hid from everyone. However, during the visit to the vet, they couldn’t decide whether to cry or laugh after the diagnosis.

The doctor said that the cat’s health is perfect, just a little depressed. From the signs, the vet thought that the cat probably got involved in a fight, from which it did not leave as a winner. And this greatly damaged the poor cat’s self-esteem.

When unbridled rage strikes unrelentingly at the owner

We have already written an article on this topic, but it is always very funny to read about such cases and see them happen in real life. This owner paid $500 to find out that his cat was very angry with him for leaving. The cat tried everything: he ignored the owner coming home and even completely avoided peeing in the litter tray. Bravo; fast and effective method!

It was not for him

This owner also left $500 at the vet, only to find out that his pet didn’t like the taste of the new treat. The cat didn’t leave the information to chance. Belying his kind nature, he kept hissing at everyone. We told you that their taste is very refined!

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