How do cats view their owners? They don’t need us, yet they chose us

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2023. December 5 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Cats are extremely eerie and unique creatures. It's no wonder that there are numerous myths and legends surrounding them, attempting to decipher their relationship with humans and the mission of these enigmatic animals. But have you ever wondered how your cat sees you? Or does it also intrigued them to determine what kind of person you are, just as you wonder about their enigmatic nature? Well, below, we've looked into what your cat might think about you.


The subject not only made us think but also John Bradshaw, a cat behavior expert at the University of Bristol and author of the book Cat Sense. After observing pet cats for several years, he came to an interesting conclusion. He believes that cats don’t understand us as much as dogs do. Here is how a cat-human relationship forms.

Cats do not change their behaviour

In an interview with National Geographic, Bradshaw mentioned that although he primarily studied dog behavior since the 1980s, he became fascinated by the unique world of cats. He began studying the behavioral structures of cats and their special relationships with humans. Through his observations, he concluded that while dogs change their behavior when they are near a person they love, cats don’t emphasize this. They behave with us just like they would with their fellow felines.

Cats don’t really need human company

Cats don’t actually need human company Dr. Péter Pongrácz, an ethologist, shares similar views. They choose our company out of their free will. Since they are fundamentally solitary animals, they don’t require constant companionship. Therefore, it’s not typical for them to struggle with separation anxiety. They are more likely to deteriorate out of boredom. Additionally, the presence of their fellow cats is more of a tolerance than a joyful time spent together.

The raw cat-human relationship: they chose us

The answer to how cats view us is actually quite complex. Despite being inherently non-social animals, they have chosen us as companions. After all, your pet doesn’t leave you, and if it wanders, it surely comes back to you. So, in reality, we don’t choose cats; they choose us willingly.

In essence, we can say that a cat considers its owner a life companion with whom it shares its everyday life. Moreover, it may even genuinely enjoy the company, as it chooses to stay. Therefore, cat ownership is exceptionally unique because these animals are not dependent on humans; they stay with us based on their independent decision.

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