Why Does the Cat Follow You into the Bathroom?

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2024. April 12 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Showering, washing your hands, going to the toilet – your cat always follow you to the bathroom? Here is what might be the cause of the behaviour.


No matter how much cats think of themselves as independent beings, not as the pets of their owners, but as wondrous creatures ruling over humans, we actually know that our cats adore us. Even if our favorite feline isn’t particularly cuddly, somehow they always lie nearby, where we are, keeping an eye on us and what we’re doing.

And every cat owner knows how much cats can be underfoot. You go to the kitchen? They go with you. You get up from the couch? They immediately jump in front of you, nearly tripping you up. And most of our pets willingly accompany us into the bathroom as well. Whatever the purpose of visiting the room may be.

Why does the cat follow me to the bathroom?

Curiosity: It’s a well-known fact that cats are extremely curious creatures. And there are plenty of exciting things happening in the bathroom that your furry friend doesn’t want to miss out on. After all, there’s nothing more fun than pawing at the bubbles in the bath!

Desire for Connection: Cats are social animals, and for most of them, bonding with their owner is very important. If the cat follows you into the bathroom, it may simply be because it wants to be with you. Even if it can’t participate in your activities. (Of course, it might try, for example, by jumping onto your shoulder while you’re brushing your teeth.)

Separation Anxiety: Some cats can become so attached that separation anxiety may develop, which doesn’t only occur when you leave home. The cat may find it stressful even if you’re in another room. You might suspect this especially if the animal follows you not only into the bathroom but to other parts of the house as well. Plus, shows signs of stress if it’s excluded from anywhere.

They don’t even mind that the bathroom is a humid and damp place

Habit and Routine: If your cat has been following you into the bathroom for a long time, it may have become a routine for them, and they do it simply because they’re used to it.

Whether it’s about following you like a shadow or any other strange behavior, it’s important to observe the frequency, circumstances, and whether any other unusual behavior is associated with it. In certain cases, professional help may be needed.

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