5 reasons why your cat follows you around

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2023. November 18 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

If you feel like your cat is clinging to you, believe me, you're not alone. Many cats follow their favourite human wherever they go, but the reasons behind this behaviour can be surprising.


You wake up in the morning, the cat is on top of the blanket waiting for you to open your eyes. As you walk out of the bedroom, its fluffy little tail wraps around your leg. And you almost fall over, as it sits between your legs while you’re about to obey nature’s call. He watches attentively as you brush your teeth. Some kittens even brave their ancient enemy, water, just to be near their owner while you shower. If you’ve never wondered what it means that your cat follows you, you’re probably curious.  Join us, we’ll tell you!

1. Your cat simply enjoys your company

If your cat follows you, there is usually nothing to worry about. It simply shows that he really loves you. They have lived among us for so many millennia that we have developed a genuine and quite unique relationship with each other.

Some research has even shown that our furry little pets value our company more than food or a favourite toy. And their inquisitive nature means they are simply interested in everything. And they want to be a part of everything; whether it’s cooking, washing up or just watching TV on the sofa. If only they could help with the housework…

2. Thirsting for attention

Thirsting for attention
Our world is racing by, everything is passing us by at breakneck speed. So on Thursday we suddenly remember that we ran out of milk on Monday. Or haven’t even been to the gym once this week. No wonder there may be times in your life when your cat doesn’t get as much attention as you’d like to give him. And as much as he’d like to receive. Your cat may be a resourceful animal, and he may be able to squeeze moments of togetherness out of you by following you everywhere. This way, the cat can beg some snack or a cuddle from the busiest owner too.

Try to make sure that every single day, even if only for a few minutes, you commit to your pet and give them some attention and love. You’ll feel better and you’ll make him happy too.

3. What does it mean if the cat follows you into the bathroom?

And this point is where the bathroom comes in. It’s no secret that where there are toilets and showers, there are smells. In a clean household, of course, most of these are no longer detectable to our noses. But cats’ sophisticated sense of smell can pick up and analyse these aromas too. Plus, if your cat likes a cool place to lie down or enjoys the fun of a dripping tap, the bathroom can quickly become his playground.

Another theory is that this may have something to do with the fact that cats are territorial animals who like to be aware of what is happening in their territory.

4. You may need to make some changes to his diet

This probably isn’t shocking information for you, but if your cat is shadowing you, it’s possible that he’s trying to draw attention to a need. Cats are excellent communicators, but like small children, they prefer to communicate their wants and needs in less sophisticated ways. They play it safe, they have no time to waste.

Can be possible that the quality or quantity of the breakfast they are given leaves something to be desired. Of course, it’s important not to overfeed your pet, as obesity, as you’re well aware, can lead to major health problems. However, as your cat gets older, his nutritional and exercise needs change. So if your friend seems to be losing weight, his fur is matting and he keeps following you around even after you’ve fed him, it’s worth consulting your vet. The doctor will helps you decide what might be causing it.

5. Feeling sick

Cats also communicate largely through body language, so if they are feeling sick or stressed, they may feel safer staying close to their owners. Separation anxiety can also be a trigger for over-attachment.

If your kitten seems to want to spend more time with you overnight, and seems anxious and nervous when you leave the room, make sure you make an appointment with your vet. He can rule out the risk of illness and refer you to a behaviourist if it seems necessary.

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