3 tricks that help if your cat destroys the furniture

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2023. October 21 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

How many times have you chased your cat away from the curtains, the carpet or the sofa, because it just wanted to play with it? In such cases, a typical problem is that no matter how hard you talk to it or chase it away, it doesn't even bother. Why do cats like to scratch so much, and how can you stop them from doing so? We will investigate this in the following article.


Scratching is basically a normal, healthy behavior that cats do for exercise and to mark territory. However, if the cat often ruins the furniture can be really annoying. There are a few tricks that can help!

If your cat is destroying your furniture, buy it a scratching post.

Why do cats scratch?

There are basically three main reasons why your cat scratches the furniture. These are the following:

1.) Practice

First of all, scratching is a great exercise! This is also why your cat loves to sharpen its claws, often on furniture. Well, until you get dishabituate your pet, unfortunately, you have to deal with this damage.

2.) Territory designation

Cats feel like kings in their own territory. That is why they use many methods to mark their own area, or if you prefer, their empire. And they often do this with scratch marks and scent marks. 

3.) Instinct

The third reason is clearly rooted in instincts, since for a cat it is a visceral act to claw everything. The key to the solution is to try to control this natural phenomenon and offer your pet another alternative instead of furniture.

If your cat regularly ruins the furniture all is not lost!

  1. Perhaps the most obvious solution is to get or even make a scratching post as soon as possible. Such a private realm, where your cat lives out its desires to the fullest and it is guaranteed to help ensure that the kitty is properly exercised and feels in a pleasant environment However, it doesn’t matter which type you choose here either!
  2. Most cats like to be able to stretch their entire body while scratching, so it is worth investing in a post at least twice as tall as your cat. It is also worth choosing one that has several textures at the same time, as this will make it more exciting. At the same time there is less chance that it will look for another adventure elsewhere. It is best to choose something that it can even climb on, as this way it can find its throne on the heights, where it can hang out all day.
  3. It is recommended to put the scratching post in a place that the cat especially likes. But the most important thing is patience: your pet will most likely not get used to using only the scraper overnight, but over time it will certainly prefer this alternative.
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