If your cat greets you like this, it’s clear that it adores you

Szénási Szimonetta

2024. April 2 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Did you think only dogs are capable of showing joy when their owner returns? Cats also have a typical way of greeting their beloved person.


The love language of a cat is quite complex. Some gestures are easier to decode, while others, many wouldn’t even think have a positive message. One very heartwarming sign is when your pet reacts to your arrival home. Here is how a cat greets its owner.

This cat is really happy to see its owner

You can’t even step away from it

Although the common image is of a dog barking at the door, cats too often sit by the entrance, waiting for their owner. If you barely even step inside because of your enthusiastic kitty, you can be happy: it means it has been eagerly awaiting you. Of course, they don’t just sit politely; they also rub against your legs, swishing their tails back and forth to express how happy they are that you’ve finally returned.

But let’s not be overly sentimental: besides missing you and loving you, there could be other compelling reasons for the enthusiastic greeting, such as hunger, thirst, or your cat signaling it’s time to clean its litter box.

However, there’s no reason to take offense, because – let’s be honest – when you come home, most likely your first stop is the fridge or the bathroom. Everything feels much better at home…

The slow blinking is also revealing

Beyond just saying hello, you can also be very happy if your cat often looks into your eyes and blinks slowly. It’s a clear sign that it loves you.

It’s also significant if it often lies or dozes with its belly exposed. Since this is its most vulnerable part – almost all vital organs are accessible in this pose – if it lets it all hang out, it shows a high level of trust.

This position means the cats trusts you completely

If it meows a lot to you, that’s a good sign too: it’s communicating. Similarly, a slowly swaying tail says, “I’m watching and loving you,” as does constantly following you around. We can also mention purring and kneading, as well as – though fewer people know this – when your cat grooms you (as if washing you), and gentle head-butts, all intended to express their love.

Sleeping together is also a gesture, and your cat honors you by bringing you gifts. It could be a toy, but for outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats, it could even be a caught mouse or bird. No matter how unsettling it may be, at least appreciate the message!

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