Pheromone spray can be a big help if you have a cat: it can be one of the best stress relievers

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2023. May 16 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

When hearing the word pheromone, an average chat partner probably thinks of the perfumes that marketers try to sell us in such a way that the opposite sex will be lying at our feet from now on. For cats, however, pheromone sprays are more than just a gimmick, which turns out to be a waste of money.


Pheromon sprays can be used with super efficiency in many cases. We’ll show you why you should try it!

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical compounds found in nature that many living things use to communicate. In the case of bees, for example, the workers fill the hive with phermonone to warn others of the danger, and ants also use this to signal to their companions that there are plenty of crumbs on the living room carpet, from which many can have their fill. Although their effects have been known for centuries, the first pheromone was actually only officially identified in 1959 by the German chemist Adolf Butenandt.

Cats use their pheromones for the following things:

  • Mark their territory
  • Getting information about another cat
  • Getting to know people, objects and places
  • Increase bonding
  • Signal to sexual partners
  • Soothing kittens
  • Self-assurance
  • Indicate happiness, contentment and reassurance
  • Indicate stress or fear

Cats and their various pheromones

The cat’s facial pheromone (FFP – Feline Facial Pheromone) is found in the glands around the cheeks, chin, forehead and mouth of cats and is released when cats rub their heads against objects or people. This indicates that these things are completely safe.

Mother kitties also have glands around their nipples that produce a pheromone (CAP – Cat Appeasing Pheromone) that helps calm the newborns. It makes them feel safe and helps them get along well with their littermates.

There are also pheromones in cat urine, particularly intense in tom-cats, and among other things, the smell of their urine is so pervasive because of this. They use this pheromone to mark their territory.

They also have glands between their paws (FIS – Feline Interdigital Semiochemical), which are activated by scratching and also serve to mark their territory, as well as giving them a general pleasant feeling of well-being.

How do pheromone products work and what can you use them for?

Pheromone products are completely harmless to animals and humans. They are odorless to humans and imitate the effect of natural pheromones in an artificial form. In addition to the spray, it available as a diffuser.

They can help reduce stressful behaviors such as constant scratching and marking that can be triggered by changes. Such as new furniture, moving house, unfamiliar people, visits to the vet, etc.

It may take a few days or a few weeks for these products to take effect, but you should not give up, because in almost all cases they bring some level or even complete improvement. In addition to these, it is worth getting the kitty a stable and high enough scratching post, on which it can stretch its entire body. It also helps a lot to reduce boredom and stress if the cat has the opportunity to sit in the window to watch the outside world from there. And of course, don’t forget the regulary play!

You should use the diffusers if you want to make your home more calm and friendly in general, and you can use the spray on surfaces that you want to make more attractive to the cat. This can be the litter tray, the scraper, the carrier or the brush.

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