4 things to think about before a kitten moves into your home: it needs care and attention!

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2023. March 19 - Photos:  Getty Images Hungary

If you're thinking of getting a kitten in the near future, there are some conditions you should consider carefully before you do. Among other things, it is very important to know what financial obligations this entails and what a responsible pet owner has to look out for. Among other things, we are thinking here of things like whether your home is big enough for a pet, or whether you have the financial means to pay for emergency veterinary care.


It’s important to know that buying or adopting a pet not only brings with it the joys of ownership, but also some financial burdens and lifestyle sacrifices. These should always be considered before committing to an animal. After all, it is not a decision for a few months, but one that can last up to 15 years. It is then worth considering whether it fits into your current lifestyle, whether your health will allow it and whether you are able to take on this responsibility for many years to come..

1. Do you have sufficient financial resources?

The first and perhaps most important question is whether you have the financial resources to take on the care of an animal. Here, you should not only think about costs such as one-off major expenses, perhaps for furnishings, but also about monthly costs. This includes food, any vitamins, bedding and routine check-ups.

2. Do you have enough time to spend with cat?

A cat will be happy if he has enough stimulation to his brain, body and in fact all his senses. Otherwise, it will become frustrated. So it’s definitely worth thinking in advance about whether you can keep him busy. Because if you don’t have time to give him a good workout or teach him, he simply won’t be happy. It is also worth considering whether your lifestyle allows you to keep an animal at all, or whether you are constantly busy and don’t have a minute to spare. If you can’t ensure that you spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day actively exercising your pet, and also keeping it occupied throughout the day, it will be stressed and unhappy. It is very important to think about this in advance.

3. What best cat age for you?

Of course, it doesn’t matter what age of kitten is right for you. After all, raising a kitten is not only difficult and requires a lot of attention, it is also a huge responsibility. It’s still small, clumsy and in need of guidance. An adult cat, on the other hand, is a completely different case. They have a mature personality and are easier to manage on their own, so they can be left alone for a little longer, for example. However, they are often very self-willed. For those who want peace of mind, an older cat is a better choice, as it is easier to get along with. These cats are usually less boisterous, and will spend most of the day resting and napping. However, in their case, the risk of death is a more serious problem.
4. Is there enough room for them in the house?

 4. Is there enough room for them in the house?

Finally, one of the most important questions, especially for indoor cats, is whether there is enough space for them. Or, if you are renting, will the landlord allow you to keep a pet? If you are moving house, this is also something to consider, as very few people will allow you to move with a pet.

However, if you are already living in the flat and you are allowed to bring your pet, it is worth considering whether there is enough space for it. In general, experts recommend that you should have at least one extra room, i.e. that you should not be in the same room all the time, as this can make it difficult to sleep, for example. The size of the apartment is also important to ensure that your pet’s scratching post, cat litter tray and similar equipment can fit. As some cats live their lives within four walls, it is important to surround them with a variety of exciting objects that are theirs alone to entertain themselves with.

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