Want a cat? 6 critical things to consider first

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2022. December 31 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

Are you considering getting a cat? Great, we think you're about to embark on one of the most wonderful adventures of your life! But in order to be sure and not feel after a few weeks that this was not designed for you, you should honestly think about a few things. Every year, thousands of kittens are returned to shelters because new owners didn't know what they were getting into.


So that these wonderful creatures don’t have to go through this horrible trauma, we help you decide if a cat is right for you.

1. Why do you want a cat?

There are as many cats as there are personalities, but their characteristics are also determined by their breed. Do you want someone to cuddle with when you get home? Or would you rather appreciate a roommate who is extremely independent?

In order for both of you to be happy in this relationship for 10-15 years, it is very important that you can connect with each other in a way that satisfies both of you. If you were to buy from a breeder, it is worth looking into what specific personality traits each breed has. Just a hint, our species description collection can be a very good starting point. If you adopt, ask the staff of the shelter about the personality and needs of each kitty. They will be happy to help!

2. What is the environment like where you live?

It is closely related to the first point. If you live in a small apartment with little space, it would certainly be uncomfortable for you and a breed that needs a lot of exercise to live together. Would you like your cat to spend as much time as possible outside, because you also love to do things in the yard and do gardening? Maybe a long-haired breed won’t be ideal. Do you travel a lot for your job? This may not be the best time in your life to start caring for a cat.

3. Would you rather have a dog, but this seems easier?

We have heard many stories where the owners originally wanted a dog, but the apartment was small and they were not prepared for regular walks, so they decided on a cat. Cats are not small dogs. Their needs and personalities are completely different. While dogs live to make their owners happy, cats and humans can have a very different, but also very deep, relationship. They probably won’t like it if you want to pet them all the time, and they’ll also get upset if you force interaction even when they’re busy mindig their own business. These are just a few of the many differences!

4. Have you thought about the costs?

Chances are, they won’t cost as much as a large dog with a huge exercise requirement and a razor-sharp brain that needs constant stimulation; but cats also have special needs. Quality food is not cheap for them either, and the bill for veterinary costs incurred in case of illness will not be significantly lower either. They also need the rutine examination and vaccinations, as well as equipment (litter, litter tray, bed, bowl, brush, etc.). In the case of long-haired breeds, you will most likely need to visit a groomer, especially if your pet gets older.

And did you know that they are as smart as a 2-year-old child? Thus, you also have to account for the cost of toys, scratching posts, and cat ladders that provide mental and physical stimulation.

If you have completed your research and can confidently answer the previous four questions, and you are still sure that you want a kitten, then we want you to answer the next two questions.

5. Do you prefer male or female?

Perhaps the only factor that matters less is the selection of a gender. Until you neuter your pet! What we cannot emphasize enough is how important it is. This not only prevents unwanted litters, but also protects your little friend from many diseases. When choosing, this question is secondary, so we recommend that you decide based on the personality.

If the first kitty makes you want another one, then it’s worth considering the question of gender. In this case, we recommend that you choose a companion of the opposite sex to avoid competitive situations.

6. Would a kitten, adult or senior cat suit you?

Kittens will require much more time and energy in the beginning, but it will be a wonderful feeling grow together on your journey together.

You no longer have to worry about training in the case of adult or senior cats. By adopting them, you save not only one life, but also another one that needed the shelter to survive. In addition, if your temperament is calmer and you want to make the last years of an elderly cat happy, a senior cat will be perfect for you.

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