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2024. May 25 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

If you want a purebred cat, the ragdoll is an ideal choice. Here's why.


It is no coincidence that year after year the ragdoll is on the top of the list of the world’s most popular cat breeds. It’s not just the looks of these magnificent cats that are so charming; their personalities are second to none.

They all have mesmerising blue eyes

All purebred ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes. This is one of the hallmarks of the breed and an indicator of whether they are a purebred ragdoll. If you also see a green or yellow tint in the eye of a specimen, they are a mixed breed, no matter how much they may carry the other characteristics of the standard ragdoll breed. (Of course, that absolutely doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be an equally great, lovable cat.)

One of the biggest pets

A photo of a ragdoll might make you think you’re looking at a fragile furball. But the reality is very different. The ragdoll is one of the largest domestic cats, and their huge fur is not the only thing that makes them a giant. Although not as big as a Maine coon, they are a very impressive animal, weighing up to 9 kilograms.

They are like dogs

The cats would probably freak out if they heard that they were being compared to dogs. But in the case of ragdolls, the parallel is absolutely right. In addition to their loyalty and affection, they are also very playful. Most of them, for example, specifically like to fetch. It is not uncommon to see them carrying their favourite toys back and forth in their mouths.

Sensitive and kind, never intrusive

They tend not to shout

Most pets would not miss an opportunity to get our attention with loud meows when there is a problem, real or perceived. Well, this demanding shouting is hardly characteristic of a ragdoll. It is a very quiet breed – although this has its drawbacks. Being mute makes it even easier to hide a health problem. That’s why as a responsible owner, you should always be alert to any changes in your cat’s behaviour that might indicate illness.

Kittens are born white as snow

All kittens are incredibly cute, and with ragdolls this is even more so. They are snow white at birth, with the final colour and pattern appearing a week or two after birth.

Slow maturing types

A ragdoll cat becomes an adult at around 4 years of age. Until then, they will continue to grow and their pattern may change. Moreover, 4 years is only a guideline – some members of the breed can still be growing at 5 years.

They can be with the owner for a long time

The breed has an extremely high life expectancy: they can live up to 20 years. (Of course, this can only be true if the kitten is kept indoors, with feeding and care adapted to the age and needs of the kitten. And appropriate living conditions.)

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