6 cat movies you’ll love: Watch these at Christmas!

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2023. December 10 - Photos: YouTube

Those who love cats undoubtedly also love cat stories and movies. So, for Christmas, we've gathered 6 cat stories that will surely lift your spirits or fill your heart with warmth.


Finally, it’s time to relax, and what could be better than watching cat stories that are guaranteed to brighten the holidays? Below, we’ve compiled the best movies with cats of all time.

One of our favourite movies with cats is undoubtedly The Aristocats.

1. Garfield

Of course, it’s impossible not to include everyone’s favorite orange cat, Garfield, in such a list. The cynical, lasagna-loving, Monday-hating cat has enjoyed unwavering popularity for years, with numerous comics, animated series, and movies depicting his adventures. However, the movie is sure to be a good choice for the day after Christmas, as it guarantees full-length entertainment.

2. The Secret Life of Pets

Despite being primarily designed for children, The Secret Life of Pets can be excellent entertainment for adults as well, thanks to its delightful humor portraying the daily lives of pets. The story also provides a glimpse into the secret and exciting lives of our little companions.

3. Puss in Boots

Few haven’t heard of the brave, determined, and heartwarming Puss in Boots. While the character was introduced in earlier stories, it became widely known to the newer generation through the part two of Shrek’s story, where the orange cat bravely played a significant supporting role. However, he recently got his own movie, and watching it is almost mandatory as there are few characters in the animated fairy tale world as entertaining and lovable.

4. The Aristocats

No one needs an introduction to The Aristocats. Perhaps the most beloved and endearing Disney tale is guaranteed to enchant everyone. It’s extremely cute to learn about the stories of stray cats in Paris and follow the unfolding love story between the aristocratic lady cat and the stray tomcat. A captivating and touching tale that provides guaranteed entertainment for the whole family.

5. Nine lives

With this choice, we transition from the world of animation to the realm of movies, where you can also find some very charming cat stories. The film Nine Lives is both deeply moving and extremely entertaining. The story revolves around a very busy but highly successful businessman who has little time for his own family. When his daughter wants a cat, he denies it, believing that the house can’t tolerate a cat. However, everything changes suddenly when a brilliant professor transforms him into a cat, giving him a week to reconcile with his family or remain in this form forever. If you want a humorous and entertaining story, this is guaranteed to be a good choice.

6. A Street Cat Named Bob

The uniqueness of this film lies in its basis on a true story. James Bowen, a drug-addicted street musician, tries to change and overcome his addiction, but he feels it’s an impossible mission on his own. Suddenly, an orange cat appears, turning his entire life upside down and leading him in the right direction. The depth of the story lies in presenting a heartwarming and dear narrative while raising serious questions for the protagonist. It’s definitely worth watching, as it is a truly thought-provoking story.

We hope we could provide a little help with your Christmas movie selection. Have a wonderful holiday!

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