The most loyal cat in the world: it caught a pigeon and fed it to an unjustly convicted prisoner

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2023. November 28 - Images: Wikipedia Henry Wyatt (courtier)

Many believe that cats are not as affectionate as dogs. They are famous for being quite independent or even seemingly indifferent. They often behave as if they are not interested in the world around them, preferring solitude to human company. However, these animals are much more sensitive, and the following story is a true testament to that.


Cats are entirely different from dogs. They express their love and care differently, but they are indeed loyal and affectionate animals who would do anything for those they love. Here is a life-saving cat from the 14th century.

Sir Henry Wyatt

The history

The incident took place around the late 1400s, sometime between 1483 and 1485. According to records, Sir Henry Wyatt was wrongly imprisoned on suspicion of rebellion. III. Richard, the ruthless English king, sentenced him to life imprisonment and confined him to the Tower, subjecting to severe torture. Furthermore, he ordered his servants not to provide any food to the prisoner.

It’s worth noting that William Shakespeare immortalized the memory of III. Richard in several of his plays, as he wrote about the bloody king. Wyatt was likely imprisoned for supporting a rebellion aiming to replace III. Richard, supporting Tudor Henry, his grandnephew living in exile in Brittany, who later became known as VII. Henry, the King of England.

The cat who saved his life

When III. Richard imprisoned and confined Wyatt within the Tower’s walls, various tortures were inflicted upon Wyatt’s courtier. One of these was the command that no food should be given to him, meaning he would have starved to death relatively quickly in the prison. However, a cat living in the prison saved him from starvation.

According to records, the Tower’s cat grew so fond of the prisoner that it often nestled in his lap, providing warmth, and cuddled with him at night, making the terrible loneliness and suffering more bearable. Yet, this was not enough; the cat became so attached to the prisoner that it frequently escaped from the prison, caught pigeons, and smuggled them to him at different times of the day. With the continuous supply of food, the man was able to survive until III. Richard’s death and VII. Henry’s ascension to the throne brought him the long-awaited release.

The glory after liberation

After his release, Wyatt gained great respect, as he had served VII. Henry even before his imprisonment. When he was freed from prison, he became the master of royal jewels and was appointed supervisor of the Royal Mint. Moreover, he became a member of the secret council, which comprised the king’s closest advisors. As a reward, he received his own coat of arms and numerous estates. Ultimately, he said goodbye to this world in 1536. However, it is certain that without the cat feeding him in prison, he would not have survived the king’s death and would have starved within the dark walls of the tower. Thanks to the life-saving cat, he could lead a truly beautiful and successful life.

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