5 reasons why keeping cats is the best thing in the world

Ferenczi Deborah

2023. November 19 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

You can share your life with a variety of pets, and each has its advantages. Below, we've listed the benefits of cat ownership.


Cat is in many ways the best pet. Below we will list these positive aspects.

1. Cleaning themselves

Well, one of the biggest advantages of cat ownership is that cats are always clean, and you don’t even have to take care of it. They groom themselves constantly to keep themselves as clean as possible. Isn’t it great to keep cats?

2. Keep your house and yard rodent-free

Another huge advantage is that they do their best to keep your home as rodent-free as possible. And the best news is that they usually don’t need to be asked, they’re happy to do it.

3. Very independent

Keeping a cat is great even if you don’t have much time, as kittens don’t need constant attention. This is because most cats are very independent and self-sufficient. That’s not to say that cats don’t have anything to do, but rather that they don’t mind being the boss of the house sometimes.

4. Keeping cats is environmentally friendly

Keeping cats is a much greener choice than keeping other animals. Studies show that the biological footprint of the lifelong resources required to feed and care for a cat is much smaller than for other animals. In addition, most cats prefer fish to beef or corn, which is also much better for the environment. So, if you are green, a cat is the best choice for you.

5. Cats reduce stress

Like dogs, cats can reduce stress by their very presence. In fact, stress is now a mass disease that is slowly affecting everyone. But managing it is vital. There have been many studies on how pets can reduce stress. However, cats are particularly able to do this, because just petting them can relieve anxiety and distract people from their problems. This is because petting a cat releases Endorphins into the brain, which makes you happier. So if you’re struggling with stress, make sure you get a furry friend.

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