How to easily remove cat hair from your furniture and clothes

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2024. April 13 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Kittens' hair sticks to almost everything. But there are tricks to remove it effectively.


Most cat owners have no problem with a few (many) stray hairs (tufts) of their cat’s fur sticking to their sweater, or even getting some in their breakfast cereal. Some breeds are more prone to shedding throughout the year, but their shorter-coated counterparts can also cause more problems in the shedding season. Below, we share with you a few hair-removing tips that will help you clean faster and more efficiently.

Persians shed quite a lot.

Sticks more to these materials

Fabrics that have a more uneven surface – especially corduroy, wool or split leather – are easier for hairs to cling to. In addition, materials that generate static electricity – i.e. anything of synthetic fibres – are also perfect for cat hair to stick to. Based on this, it’s almost certain that you have furniture in your home and items in your wardrobe that are particularly prone to collect hair.

When you’re in a hurry, it can be annoying to have to take extra time to tidy up your clothes. Guests who come to your home may also be annoyed by the hair. In addition, more and more people are allergic to cats, and the allergenic protein is also found on the hairs.

Many people suffer from allergies to cats

Basic, but the most important: vacuuming

We are certainly not saying anything new when we stress that frequent vacuuming is essential in a pet-friendly house. There are machines with suction power specifically adapted to animal hair. Use a small vacuum cleaner head for furniture to do a really thorough job.

It’s also important to empty the dust bag more often to keep the suction at its strongest. This affects efficiency.

Antistatic products

So-called antistatic sprays are available, which can be rubbed into the fabric with a microfibre cloth or cellulose sponge. This can be followed by another round of vacuuming.

Use a roller!

Finally, run a lint roller over the surface. If you don’t have one. using tape is perfectly adequate. Roll the sticky side outwards onto your hand, then smooth the fabric all the way through.

A must-have household tool for a cat owner is a lint roller

How to deal with clothes

The good news is that the more hair-free your furniture is, the less of it gets on your clothes. But it’s still worth paying attention to them too.

The anti-static spray also comes in handy here: it helps the hairs to come out of the fibres of the clothes when you brush or roll them.

Wool and steam

You can steam the wool straws to make them clean. Use a steamer or hang the garment in the bathroom when you shower. The loosened material will be easier to clean.

When you need to disinfect

If your pet has fallen ill, it is recommended that furniture is disinfected after recovery to prevent reinfection. Mainly the animal’s bed but treat any place where the animal has spent a lot of time. There are a number of antibacterial products available in drugstores that can be used specifically for pets.

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