Do you like sleeping with your cat? We show you the fantastic effects it has on your body

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2023. November 26 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Most cat owners have probably already thought countless times about how good it would be to let their kitten into bed to laze around a bit, or even sleep at night. Well, then we have very good news for you, because numerous studies have proven that sleeping with a cat has an excellent effect on your health, and even has an extremely positive effect on your mental well-being.


Below we have collected 5 really compelling reasons why sleeping with a cat is a good idea.

1. Promotes bonding

The first and perhaps the most compelling reason is that it is able to deepen attachment in an extraordinary way. This is also special because cats have a slightly harder time bonding with people than dogs do. They even show it in a different way when they have a close relationship with someone. However, it is certain that if you share your bed with it and fall asleep together, something very special can develop between you.

2. Can help relieve stress

Keeping a cat can reduce stress and helps overcome various anxiety and depression diseases. However, sleeping with a cat only enhances this ability even more. This is because even during sleep processes, cuddling and the increase in attachment produce oxytocin, which results in happiness and balance. As a result, you will no longer think unnecessarily about everyday problems, but you can finally relax a little and enjoy life.

3. Reduces loneliness and depression

Regular sleeping with cats can reduce the feeling of depression and drive away the tormenting loneliness. The reason for this in the fact that people are social creatures and they need to not fall asleep alone. However, if they have to do this, in many cases they may develop serious anxiety and an incredibly painful feeling of loneliness. However, when they have someone to share their bed with, completely different emotions will flow.

4. Can help you get quality sleep

In fact, napping with your cat can help you sleep soundly. And purring has a particularly beneficial effect too. When your kitty purrs next to you, it not only has an excellent effect on you physically, but also completely calms you down mentally. This is so true that scientists asked 150 patients at the Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine Center in Arizona about whether having their pet snooze next to them helps them sleep. And the results were extremely shocking, as 41% of those surveyed felt that the presence of their pet in bed had a definite beneficial effect on them.

5. Increases your sense of security

Do you also feel safer in the presence of your cat? According to the aforementioned study, the reason for this lies in the fact that we have already heard many stories where animals saved people from some impending danger. They warn us about natural disasters and drew the attention of their owners to a heart attack or epileptic seizure. For this reason, most owners prefer to sleep in the company of their pet, as it provides them with a kind of security.

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