Here’s what happens when you neglect brushing your pet

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2024. May 27 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

If you choose a long-haired pet, it is essential that you pay special attention to the cat's care. Especially when it comes to fur. Here's a video showing what can happen if you neglect this task.


We have discussed many times how important it is for every owner to look after their cat. And for long-haired pets and overweight cats, it’s especially recommended to help them with their daily grooming routine, as it can be a challenge on its own.

The cat in the video below has long fur and is also obese. And the result of neglecting the fur was a level of matting that could only be got rid of by shearing:

Avoidable stress

The cat in the recirding is clearly under extreme stress. It is constantly using all her tools to signal that it would like to escape the hands of the groomer, but at this point it is in its interest to get the cut. Of course, the animal doesn’t know this, and the poor thing even gets a helmet on its head to prevent it from injuring the professional.

Such a visit to the groomer – especially if we did not help the cat to get used to it – can be traumatic for the animal. But it could be avoided if the animal is used to brushing the coat and the owner keeps it in good condition. And of course losing excess weight would also greatly improve the cat’s quality of life.

In this article you can read in detail about the proper care of long-haired kittens.

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