6+1 tips for effective grooming of long-haired cats: combing the hair on the tail is forbidden, only brushing is allowed

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2023. February 7 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

Long hair should be taken very seriously. We admit that this is not the simplest thing for a novice owner, but if we add some of the basic rules with a couple of well-functioning tricks, anyone will succeed!


However, we cannot emphasize enough that coat care is not only aesthetically important. The longer a cat’s coat, the more time they have to do with washing. But they may not have enough capacity for every area, or maybe they got old and sick. When the cat hair is tangled, it feels exactly like a hair tangle in humans. After a while, it will be compressed and will have a felt texture that pulls the skin. This is painful, very annoying and can cause skin diseases. Such a “little thing” can also get into the health of the kitty. So let’s see how you can become a semi professional cat groomer.

1. Start from the basics: a proper diet

If you are uncertain, feel free to ask the veterinarian’s opinion. But there are some things we can help with. Cats are predatory animals, the right amount and quality of protein and amino acids for them can only be extracted from meat. They need meat! Dry foods contain high percentage of grain, which they are almost unable to digest, and it cannot provide the amount of water needed for the them.

In addition, it is very important that you do not save on the food. Always adjust the best quality to your wallet, and make sure you feed him with the age appropriately.

2. Time is on your side

The sooner you start the haircare, the easier it will be. Demonstrate the various tools to the kitty, let them smell before using it. And of course, never forget about the snacks! If your pet connects this process with something positive from the first moments, it will help a lot.

3. The right tool is a half-success

You will definitely need a dense brush that will remove the undercoat without damage. You may not find immediately what is comfortable for both of you, but don’t give up! Feel free to read reviews on the internet, you can choose from a lot of good products.

In addition, you will also need a rare tooth comb to comb the tail and make the final smoothing on the entire body. We also recommend a combing spray. It doesn’t cost much and it will be a great help.

4. As with other activities, it is important to recognise the right mood

If your pet is busy with the grooming, eating, playing, or sleeping, it is not worth bothering him. Perhaps the best idea is to create a routine. Cats love that anyway and feel much more secure if they know what to expect.

In winter, most types of coat will be thicker and more dense, so you will need more attention. Our breed descriptions provide a great point of reference for each breed how often you have to groom them. Certainly, there are cats who you have to comb daily.

Of course, if your pet gets sick or old, but in principle they don’t need daily care, trust yourself and brush them if it looks neccesary. An attentive owner feels it when to intervene.

5. Technology makes the process bearable

Cats’ tail is extremely sensitive because it is directly connected to the central nervous system through the spinal cord. Therefore, the tail should never be brushed, only combed.

If you find larger lumps, which can be expanded, try to loosen it with small movements without  tearing of the skin. You can also pinch the base of the hair strap with your fingers to remove the direct tension from it. The hair at the ears and the bends tends to became felty, which is very painful for the cat. However, this can happen under the greatest attention. Such lumps cannot be combed, it has to be cutted with a machine. Be sure to leave this to the professional groomer! Few cats like to turn it on the back, so it is worth combing the hair on the stomach by placing them on a table.

6. If bathing is needed

If you think that the time of bathing has come, do it: but be sure to use special shampoo and conditioner for cats. It is worth investing in it to avoid various skin diseases caused by allergic reactions or irritation. In the long run, you spent on three products, but you saved the veterinary cost.

Keep your pet with stady but gentle hands. We recommend bathing in a plastic bowl or in the wsink so you need to use less water and the process will not be as scary for the cat. Many people put a soft towel on the bottom of the bowl or the sink to prevent the cat’s leg from slipping.

It may be a good idea if you do not flow water on the kitty but moisten the coat everywhere with the help of a plastic cup. After he was thoroughly wet use the shampoo then after a good rinse you treat the coat with a conditioner. After you washed that out too and you are still a living entity you shoudl dry the poor devil. Wipe it as dry as possible with a towel and then the hairdryer can follow the process.

Most cats are not a fan of this machine, but try to dry him as much as possible, while not blowing the warm air in their face. If the cat is panting, it must be stopped immediately as it has overheated. And the drying can be followed by combing and brushing as described above.

+1. A groomer is worth it

A good groomer can be a tremendous help, so if not every month, but occasionally it is worth it to budget some money for their service. It can help with the easier home care. For a long-haired cat, worth considering this expense. At the same time, the ease priceless, and you will both be calmer.

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