The hungry horse gave the cat a fright – humorous scene caught on video

Mádi-Krezinger Cintia

2024. June 6 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

We don't know who was more frightened; the kitten or the horse.


It is a well-known fact that cats can fall asleep almost anywhere. They sleep best in places where they can hide away from the world and rest undisturbed. The barn cat in the video below surely had similar plans when it hid in a pile of straw. Poor thing didn’t expect to lay its head in a horse’s lunch.

Life of a barn cat

The cat in the above video is most likely a barn cat. These cats are working animals living on farms, primarily tasked with keeping rodents away. Most of them have very good relationships with the people and animals on the farm, but there are some cats who are content just to have a roof over their heads and don’t care for human affection.

barn cat cat sleeping cat video horse cat relationship video

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