Why do cats vomit after eating grass? Here is the explanation

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2023. October 14 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

We don't need to rush to the vet immediately if we notice that our cat is vomiting after eating grass. It is useful to know that this is a natural behavior of cats, and there is no cause for concern because of the subsequent vomiting. Up to a certain limit.


Apart from a little discomfort, a bit of vomiting after eating grass is not a problem for a cat. This phenomenon is a natural part of kittens’ lives, but excessive vomiting and unusual grass consumption can be a cause for concern. But what is normal?

Why cats eat grass?

There is more than one reason why cats chew grass. On the one hand, the green plant can have a natural laxative effect, so it helps relieve stomach complaints and supports digestion. In addition, the fiber-rich grass helps keep the cat’s digestive system in a healthy balance, and because of the folic acid found in the plant, cats instinctively seek it out. Not to mention that eating this green plant is fun.

Eating grass is a natural part of a cat’s life.

Why does grass make a cat vomit?

The explanation for this is quite simple: because the cat’s digestive system simply does not contain the enzymes necessary to properly digest the grass, so vomiting is a natural part of the process. This behavior is an instinct that helped keep wild cats alive. When cats got their food by hunting, they also ate the bones and fur of their prey. However, eating the grass promoted vomiting, so they could get rid of any undigested matter.

Suspicious signs

There is usually no cause for concern if we see that our cat is vomiting after eating grass. However, grass consumption can cause other problems. For example, it can get stuck in the cat’s nasal cavity, at the back of the nose, which can also be accompanied by fits of sneezing. In order to remove the grass, we should definitely seek veterinary help, just like if we see that our cat is behaving strangely, is already an obsessive grass eater, and is vomiting too much because of this. This can be caused by anxiety, but good news: it can be solved with expert help.

There may also be a risk of cats eating plants that they shouldn’t. Chewing on toxic plants or grazing on pesticide-treated grass can even lead to serious indigestion or poisoning, so take your cat to the vet at the first sign of suspicion.

There is a telltale sign if the kitten is eating too much grass.

A safer alternative

Safe alternatives for cats include Alfalfa, fiber-rich oat grass and cat’s thyme. In addition to these, it is an excellent solution to buy or grow your own cat grass indoors. With that you can feed your cat pesticide-free greens that is safe for it. This way we can better monitor how much grass the cat consumes.

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