How to know if you’re leaving your cat home alone too long: here is the ideal time interval

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Cats are animals that especially like to be alone. However, it is important to know that this does not mean that we can boldly leave them alone. The ideal length of time alone depends on the cat's age, health, personality and circumstances. In this article, we'll show you some of the signs that your cat is home alone for too long, as well as explore the question of how much alone time is ideal.


Cats are very independent creatures and tend to spend most of their time alone. However, as with all animals, it is necessary to consider how much time alone is healthy for cats. The ideal duration depends largely on their age, personality, health and home environment.

How long can I leave my cat alone?

Adult cats can usually be left alone for maximum 24-48 hours, provided the animal is healthy and has the necessary supplies, such as sufficient water and food, clean litter, toys and other comforts. However, this does not mean that all kitties are comfortable alone for the same amount of time. Each animal has a unique personality, habits and needs.

Also depends on their age

However, if we leave a kitten or an elderly cat at home, we have to be a little more careful, as these animals need more human presence and care. A kitten should not usually be left alone for several hours, as it is still very young, dependent on humans and needs more attention. Senior cats should be similarly monitored, as these animals require more serious supervision to keep them safe. Older specimens should be checked regularly for health problems or any other unusual behavior.

If you notice any kind of change in your cat’s behavior, such as not eating, drinking, not wanting to play, or being unusually quiet, it may be that it needs more attention and less time alone.

Signs that your kitty is very bored

If you leave your cat alone for too long, problems can arise, such as loneliness and boredom, which can lead to behavioral problems. In this case, it often happens that the cat starts to chew the furniture or the houseplants.

The following signs indicate that your cat is probably alone more than necessary:

  • often shaky and stressed
  • cries, meows bitterly
  • behavioral changes
  • aggressiveness

In conclusion, the ideal amount of time to leave your cat home alone depends largely on the kitties’s age, health and personality. In general, adults can be left alone for 24-48 hours, but this is far from ideal. Being alone for 8-9 hours a day is okay for most cats.

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